Morning Stare


I found the secret of life on a cereal box this morning….

“Do not shake, contents may crumble”

I had been reading the cereal box for about 30 minutes… least I think it was that long.

When I am in the throes of ‘The morning stare’ I have a hard time with time.

Reading comprehension is impossible during ‘the stare’ but we still try to read the cereal box.

I can read the entire box and couldn’t tell you what in the hell I just read.

I actually tried to remember what it said this morning.

I remember the directions for making a bowl of cereal.

Yes, there are directions….

“Pour desired amount of contents into a proper container, add preferred non-toxic liquid and non-carcinogenic sweetener as desired”

There is no hope for the human race when there are directions needed for making a bowl of freaking cereal.

The scary part is that cereal companies actually have to do this because of the fear of litigation for no sufficient, easily understood instructions, without which could lead to possible injury, poisoning or cancer.

“Dear God,

Send flood.



I decided to try an experiment.

I had an empty bowl, the box of cereal, some milk and a spoon.

I studied it carefully.

I pretended that I had never had a bowl of cereal.Image

I figured it out without instructions.

I know people that have difficulty with boiling water.

I have a sister that has 20 college degrees…..but she has a hard time with toast.

Just something to think about while you decipher the cereal box.

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