Bed Time

I heard my son calling me from his bedroom.

I trudged up the stairs, tired from my day.

I walked up to the side of his bed “What’s up bud? I asked, brushing his hair from his eyes.Image

“I think I heard a monster under my bed” His blue eyes shiny with fear.

“Oh, I don’t think a monster would mess with you” I said grinning.

“Look anyway please daddy” He asked.

So….to calm his fear I knelt down on the floor, giving him a quick wink before I took a peak.

I pulled the blankets out of the way and squinted into the darkness under his bed.

My son was looking back at me.

My teeth caught my breath…..

There were bloody scratches on his face, his right eye was missing.

His fingernails missing and broken.

“Daddy…” he grinned, his teeth smeared with blood. “There’s a monster on my bed”

I began to scream when I felt the hands grab my hair and start to drag me onto the bed.

My son reached for my hands as I was torn from the floor.

“Eat you” drooled the monster on the bed.

I could feel teeth tearing into my legs, ripping flesh and crushing bone.

The son under the bed must have been hungry too….

“Eat you” moaned the monster under the bed.

As I fought for my life, kicking, twisting….flailing helplessly…..

I saw my son looking from the cracked closet door, one wide terrified blue eye watching, a screaming silent eye.

“Eat you!” he screamed from the closet.

I saw my wife standing at the door.

She said “Eat it all…”Image

I woke up in a panic, my heart pounding against my ribs.

If I had known that it would be this scary….

I would have asked to be cremated.


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6 thoughts on “Bed Time”

  1. Scottishmomus is such a woos. Anyway, this is a scary little piece. Love it! Pushed all the appropriate buttons to send it on in the digital age to places far away.

      1. What? About the buttons? All those little buttons on your page to Tweet it, or add it to my stream on FB, etc. I do a lot of those for stories I think the world should see.

  2. I am not a wuss!
    Well, maybe a little bit…but just for some things…scary things…like this.
    I can deal with spiders!
    Still a great piece. Just needed a bit of warning. And a cushion to hide behind.;) x

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