Talk From Tucumcari

I am parked in Tucumcari, New Mexico.Image

I am back to driving all 48 states and Canada (Coming for you Quiall!)

I am so tired my eyeballs just fell out….

Please forgive me if this is sort of rambling…

Just wondering away….

As I drive around this beautiful country of ours it’s needless to say that I have lots of time and miles to do nothing but let my mind wander to and fro about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Not really…I spend a lot of that time munching on Cheetos, listening to audio books, radio classics, ESPN and trying to find an unobservable place to pee.

Happiness achieved…

I have a little notepad to jot things down when I think of something I’d like to write about.

 I heard or read somewheres that all writers or authors worth their salt have a little pad of their own for just such inspirations.

I wanna be like y’all when I grow up.

….gotta get me a voice recording thingee too….

I tend to wreck my big rig if I don’t watch the road….

Ever since I became the greatest thing to hit the Land of WordPressia since the delete button I have become more interested in what people have to say thru their words and HOW they say it.

I have come to the conclusion that y’all are all a bunch of hacks and have no talent whatsoever and should be euthanized as soon as possible….

Not really….


I am still amazed at the differing levels of talent, the range of interests and the sense of community that I have seen and been blessed to become a part of.

The followers of my blogs are a loyal bunch.

I think they all live in Scotland somewhere….

I get good advice, critiques and praise for a job well done, but not from the turkey in Vegas…..

; )

Love ya Nae Nae!

The rest of you suck! 

Except for that Yankee scum Bialczak, I dig his vibe!

Not really….I hate all Canadians and Yankees.


The blogs, poems, photography, poetry (is that the same thing as a poem?) subjects, feelings, opinions, stories, rants and general artistry of the contributing writers is, too put it simply, a little over-whelming for the new guy.

I have only had my blog since last July and I have 325+ followers.

I know that most of them don’t all read my stuff or even follow me anymore.

I don’t mind, maybe I am too inane for them ;P

But I love my loyal 20 followers.

The rest of you deserters can blow me!

I don’t mean that in a mean way.

The level of sophistry I have witnessed thru this blogging medium has actually increased my admiration for the authors that I adore, and appreciate the level of understanding for their commitment and craft.

I hope I’m as creative and on the ball when I’m an 87 year old like my ideal reader English professor that takes the time to teach me grammar stuff and tell me when I’m being a dink.

It’s amazing to me that people can actually stay focused on a project long enough to write a novel.

I can’t even fathom that kind of commitment…

I’m too…what’s a good word for it…?


The passion to create must be like a drug or sex toy or something….

Hell, I can’t stay focused long enough to…Image

Just for fun, here are my favorite books (to this point) and authors in order:

5) Stephen King (The Shining, November 22 1963, The Stand, Dr. Sleep)

4) John Grisham (A Time to Kill, A Painted House, Sycamore Row)

3) Alexander Dumas’ (The Count of Monte Cristo, The 3 Musketeers)

2) Nelson DeMille, David Baldacci or Jack Higgins (I just like spy novels)

1) Charles Dickens/John Steinbeck (David Copperfield, Grapes of Wrath)

**Honorable mention Miguel De Cervantes and the immortal “Don Quixote”

When I start to get too big for my britches I will think Of Chuck Dickens’ and Steinbeck’s God like talents… and think “See Trey, you really do suck” then I’ll kill myself and be famous like Hemingway (what a loss)

I promise I won’t kill myself…God! Y’all are so needy….

Not really….

If I could ever be the shadow of a pimple on Dickens’ ass, I would be a happy pimple.

I’ll be happy if I’m as good as Jack London….that’s not too much to hope for!

Dare to dream…..

It is wondrous to see the true gift of human thought….What can be thought up, can be created.

In ANY form… a paper clip or finger-nail clippers.

I am humbled by the total beauty that can be described thru the words of man or woman.

Are all writers artists?

It’s hard to say. I’m not a credible scholar or critic.   I’m not that bright…..

There are so many levels of talent and ways for people to express themselves that I don’t see how anyone can make a real guess about it.

Here’s what I say…

Anyone that uses their mind for the ADVANCEMENT of art, words, music, or even invention, with the intent of enriching the lives of others is an artist.

Tell me if I’m stretching it here.

Here is the perfect…pure artist:

A)     A 3 year old using finger paint whose art makes it to the fridge door and Mommy love’s it.

B)     The man that created the remote control for the TV

C)     Whoever came up with the idea for musical instruments and the first written word.

D)     The person who invented the stapler.

Man…I believe some things are just gifts from….well, providence I guess.

The great part is that there are so many people in the blogosphere that ‘want’ to share their talents and gifts with others without one, SINGLE, selfish intent.

I’m in it for the chicks…

Of course there are those few (millions) that like to be recognized for their work and appreciated.

Perfectly natural says narcissistic me.

I too, will accept worship and animal sacrifice…I know it’s a shock, I’m kind of high maintenance…

But you already know this…

There are others that actually don’t care if they ever become famous or even published.

They do it strictly for the release of ideas and magic….

I think blogging has opened the world to all kinds of possibilities of thought and creativity.

The immediacy in today’s world for the transmission of ideas from one crank to another is going to…wait…

I didn’t mean it like that…

PC version:  Opening up contributions and discussion from writer to reader.

Spreading the word….

Casting magic….

Oh man I just thought of this…

Fertilizing the mind with internet bullshit (Get it?)

Yeah, I didn’t think it was that funny either….

I wonder how long it took for Charles Dickens to get his first book published.

Hmmm, I might have to find a biography about him.

Let me look real quick;

That’s weird…they say he was “tragic”.

Is that the same thing as published?

Wow…I didn’t know Dickens was only 58 when he died…

Anywho… (Listen to David Copperfield at…it’s excellent!)(Count of Monte Cristo too)

Oh, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost’ audio-book version read by Charlton Griffin is amazing!

I wonder if I will ever change the world….?

I hope one of you do….Then I can say “I knew you when…”

I get impatient with my blog, do y’all? (I mean YOUR blog smart asses! LOL!)

Everything I have read about having a successful, widely read blog preaches patience and “write every day”

If you write it they will come….

I like for people to read my stuff.

I don’t know if it’s because I love attention, but I like to write, and I like people to read it.

Is that self-serving?

God, I hope so.

Dang…now I’ve lost my chain of thought…

See what I mean about focus…?!

Hey look!

A squirrel!!Image

15 thoughts on “Talk From Tucumcari”

  1. I thought I told you, Trey, I am a Met, not a Yankee. And you oughta try the Harry Bosch line of novels from Michael Connelly, the Elvis Cole series by Robert Crais and lawyerly stuff by Scott Turow and Steve Martini. Just to keep you on the sane side of the yellow line.

    1. THX BRO!!
      I will note the distinction….
      I am listening to a biography on Hitler right now by Ian Kershaw.
      I am amazed that someone didn’t cap this guy in 1923. I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard so far( and I’m still just in the 1920’s span) that the Bavarian gov’t could have taken the wind out of his sails way earlier….
      I’m learning more about how terrible human nature can be in the wrong hands…..It’s sobering and I feel like I need a confessional.

  2. tucumcari – I seem to remember lee van cleef mentioning that place in some western or another

    nice to see I’m not the only one who gets frustrated by lurkers

    oh and by the way – do born-southern-raised-damn-Yankee count on your hate list? just wondering where I stand 😛

  3. Yes, listen to markbialczak above for some interesting authors and novels you probably will enjoy. This 87-year-old English teacher was beginning to think you had forgotten about me. No comments lately. Happy to hear I am still on board your truck, metaphorically speaking.

    1. I am here…and there. depending on where I am affects my data feed. Sometimes I can pull up WordPress, but the tool bar that allows me to comment or post anything new is gone.
      I have to wait until I get back to civilization. Indian reservations don’t have data availability worth a fart!

  4. Are there any signposts in your brain at all or do you just navigate by sight? 😉 There’s a whole lot of direction going on there. And that’s your ticket. There are about twenty posts jumping out of these musings!
    Never mind the numbers by the way. I think we’re all agreed on the fact that we can divide our numbers by about 20 to come up with the real mccoy. 😉 x

    1. I was just typing what my tired brain came up with. I had just finished driving 633 miles after all. I’ll look over it again and see if I see what you see. The Canadians are in open revolt by the way…. 🙂

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