Pillows to Pout


I think that the best feeling in the world is that when you wake up in the morning and it pops into your head “Man, it’s good to be alive”

You know what I mean. I’m pretty sure most of y’all have experienced it once in your lifetime….not counting Mondays.

You wake up and untangle yourself from your blankets and pillows. For me, sleeping is a life or death struggle between proper pillow management and blanket manipulation.

My new body pillows still have the 6” long tag on them.

I have to constantly flip them around to keep myself from inhaling or ingesting said tags.

I want to cut them off, but the tag says that I could face possible federal charges if I remove them.


Even my mattress has a tag with “Federal Prosecution” threats on it.

I wonder why they have those….

I’ve never really thought about it before.    I’ll Google it…..

How would they know if I cut them off…?

NSA stands for “Never Sleep Again”.

What if they accidentally slipped into my scissors and fell off?

The way I sleep, it’s possible.


I woke up and disengaged myself from the tangles.


Right in the middle of typing the last line a “Lot Lizard”[truck stop hooker] just came up to my truck window and asked for money…..again!!!!

She told me that she was stranded at the service station across the street and that a truck driver had offered her money for sex and had stolen her cash.

First off, I could smell the liquor on her breath from 4 feet away.

Second off, she asked me the same thing yesterday afternoon, but that time a trucker had spit on her and stolen her money.

She’s drunk as hell, and now I’m sad.

I started off wanting to write about a good day dammit!

I didn’t give her any money, maybe I should have.

It hasn’t been too many years ago that I was pretty close to being where she is now.

I never begged for money and I was never a lot lizard, but I was drunk and stinky.

I’m the kind of person now that I will refuse to give the poor person money directly anymore, but I will walk with them into a store and buy them some food.

I offered her the same.   She cussed at me and walked off.

Cussed at me!!!!

Take a breath TreyDawg…..

Damn….It’s hard to get my good feeling back.

Why does that kinda shit happen?

In a good freaking mood…..Glad to be alive…..Weather perfect…..All kinds of fun stuff whipping thru my mind to entertain you with, and I get a drunk hooker to remind me that not everyone is having a good day at the same time I am.

Las Vegas is wrapped up and over-flowing with homeless people.

They are everywhere.

Especially around truck stops for some reason.

It’s mostly because they come here during the winter for obvious reasons.

I know for a FACT that homeless shelters in “colder” cities offer bus tickets or travel vouchers to the homeless to send them here or to warmer climes during the winter.

I know the main reason is to keep them from freezing to death in the streets, but the other reasons aren’t so noble.

Supplies and donations are more strained during the winter and the demand for assistance is greater.

People want to stay indoors when it’s cold for some reason, and since the homeless don’t have anywhere particular to get out of the cold, they tend to hang out in public buildings and are more apt to “bother” people due to their desperation.

There are homeless people who are in their predicament from no fault of their own.

When people have to live from paycheck to paycheck it only takes a few bad breaks and they are in the street.

There are the few bad apples though that doesn’t want to live any other way.

They make fun of the fact that they live on the fringe of society and I have personally heard them make fun of the “suckers” that they encounter or “Bilk”.

Remember…..I have lived in homeless shelters.  

I know….

Damn….I was in a good mood too.

There she goes again, walking across the truck stop parking lot.

She came across the street from a blue car parked by a 7-11.

She is walking in a quick circle thru the parked trucks, most of which the drivers are still sleeping.

If she sees an interior light on or a driver sitting in his seat, she approaches the vehicle and gives her story.

From the time she is spending at each truck, it doesn’t look like she’s having much success.

Most of the drivers have probably been here, like me, since yesterday and have gone thru the same “bilking” as I have.


Well, my good feeling is gone.

C’est la Vie!

My inherent guilt complex has overtaken me.

Maybe I should have given her $5 or something… It wouldn’t have killed me.

So many sad people in the world….

So many sad stories….

I wonder what happened to her to bring her low enough to troll thru a freaking truck stop for dollars….

“Nobody knows….the troubles I’ve seen….Nobody knows….my sorrow…”

God I’m depressing myself now…..

I was in a good mood too dammit!!!

I better go before I kill myself.

See how I am?

I wish I didn’t care about people sometimes.

I wish I could be callous.

I wish I could just say “Fuck ‘em” and mean it.

But, unfortunately I have a big, scarred heart and I feel…..

 I can’t be that way….



I’ll talk to y’all when I’m in a better humor.

Have a good day.

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