Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never…..cavalry

What a dumb saying.

I wonder who first said it?

A fireman….?

A police man….?

A Cavalry officer…?


I just found out about the April A-Z challenge.

I don’t do anything particular on April Fools day, because I trust NO ONE!

Now however, it is the 2nd and I feel confident that the challenge is actually real.

Better late than never.

B is for Block….because I have no idea what to write about on the “B” challenge.

I have just woke up from a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day and my brain has gone bye bye.(Wow….two “B’s” in a row!)

My creative juices seem to solidify after a midday nap, like beef stew crud.

I know I can’t sleep in the middle of the day, so I really don’t know why I tried again.

I don’t feel re-energized, I feel….PFFFT!

When I wake up from these power naps, I find that I actually had my power turned off.

B is for Boobs: I used to laugh when i told fellow guys that I am a boob man.

I don’t think that anymore.

Ever since I have gotten closer to 50 years old, I have found that my own set of boobs repel me.

The only boobs I can actually appreciate without doing 5 to 10 in a quaint state correctional facility must be photo-shopped and over 30 years old. I refuse to stare at boobs that are younger than my daughters and nieces.

I am not a pervert……Well, not literally….I’ve never been charged with anything at least…..

B is for Beauty: If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I want to see everything.

B is for Bills: They will always be there….Like Twinkies.

B is for Bi-nomial: I still don’t get it….

B is for Big Butts: I like them and I cannot lie ( I couldn’t help that one, sorry)

I wish I could write a little more about “B” but like i said, i took a midday nap and I have cotton in my head and cat-poop in my mouth.

I will have more time to think about “C” tomorrow and promise to enthrall you with my skills and narcissism.

B is for Bye: TTFN

A to Z April Challenge

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