2 Weeks Notice

I retire.
Work interferes with writing. Work pays bills, writing doesn’t.
I never fell for the dream that I could make a living doing what I love.
A) Radio Jock
B) Sketch artist
C) Writer
……. K) Truck driver.
This is America after all….
There is no room for one more writer.
It’s been real.
Thanx for all the help and nice comments.
Good luck to the rest of you.
– Trey

26 thoughts on “2 Weeks Notice”

  1. This sucks bad, Trey. Really sucks, really bad. If you indeed can stay away from letting that mountain of ideas finds its way here, I will miss you, friend. But the money thing, I so understand.

  2. Um – WHAT?! You know, you can keep your blog and write when you can fit time in. We’ll still be here. Don’t be hasty…we’ll miss you. However, if you must, I respect personal choices; but PLEASE don’t go. Belinda

  3. Writing is a passion and you’ll always have that. I feel privileged I got to see you get some of your passion out there–you’re really good at it–and I hope when you find the time, you return here. Thank you for sharing what you have shared, and it’s a big compliment that the only complaint so many of us have is that we want more and feel short-changed.
    Yours in Fellowship and Blogginghood, Mark

  4. Look at all this! You did this short little post just to get all these people to praise you. By the way, how many books did you sell?

      1. I get that. Burn out. I get burned out just writing one story. I have one in drafts right now, but I just can’t seem to finish it.

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