411 At Your Peril!

We’re all gonna die.Image

Every last one of us….

Haven’t you heard the news?

Haven’t you jogged thru Facebook and Twitter this morning?

Haven’t you skipped thru the apps on your IPhone or droid yet?

You better get on the ball people!

Food storage! Water supplies! Gold! Toilet paper!

The freaking Russians are shooting at each other with tanks and machine guns…

The moon was red during a lunar eclipse….the worst kind of biblical sign!

The sixth seal! The sixth seal!

Chile, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are experiencing non-stop earthquakes and after-shocks for about two weeks now.

There are threats of volcanoes erupting! The buffalo, elk and other furry little animals are fleeing out of Yellowstone National Park to escape the devastation!

Haven’t you heard this!?

Just ask King James…he wrote the bible you know…

“And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

1)      Great earthquake (as stated above)

2)      Sun black as sack-cloth (volcanic ash in the air?)

3)      Moon became as blood (recent occurrence and eclipse) and it is predicted to happen 3 more times in the next 18 months!

AAIIIEEEEE!!!! We’re all gonna dieee!!!!

Shut up….

I honestly believe that instant news is a bad thing in most cases.

Speculations and interpretations of instant news is a psychological mine field.

Watch your step, mind the fresh bullshit.

Remember…It hasn’t been that long since us humans were throwing rocks at the moon and hitting rocks together to make fire.

It hasn’t been that long since riders on horseback delivered the mail, or that telegraphers were tapping out messages in Morse code.

It’s been less than a hundred years that we even had electrical power available to light up a city block!

Hell, how long has it been since any of you used a rotary dial phone, or had to wait for the neighbors to clear the line so you could make a call?    In your life time?  I know I have…..

But now we hear about events as they occur more than a world away.


I know it’s good to be informed and I am a whole hearted supporter of technology and its possibilities in enhancing our lives, if utilized responsibly.

Why do I want to know about foreign wars?

Why do I want to know about natural disasters in other countries?

Why do I want to be constantly reminded what a piece of shit I am because of my inability to send $28 a month to a charity is causing thousands to die from starvation and diseases I have never heard of?

Don’t I have enough to worry about right here….in my own instant of now.


It doesn’t matter anyways….we’re all gonna be dead at any second.

Don’t forget about the constant threat of those meteors we keep hearing about…”Hey, one just missed us by 10,000 miles! Son of a bitch that was close!”

What’s going on?!

Is all this fear mongering some type of operation by a secret world order to keep us afraid and more dependent, happy as hell to spend more money to ward off a flesh eating virus, that hardly ever infects anyone to begin with, but will probably mutate into a pandemic overnight because we are all too selfish about our own petty problems to donate anything to a local political leader that supports genome research. The whole time he fights for the return to a more traditional, grass-roots America, beating the podium in outrage and conviction, he is wearing his wife’s panties and high heels after taking pledges from his religious right supporters and his conservative NEO-NAZI constituents on his cell phone while simultaneously posting a photo of his tattooed balls on Facebook that read “Apply lips here”!

Doesn’t make sense?

That’s my point….

As you were reading that you probably thought….

“This could happen”  “It probably has happened”  “What’s this got to do with me?”

I’m sorry this sounds a little scatter-brained today, but I am tired of waking up and the first thing I read or hear is about terrible things and people that will absolutely NEVER affect my life, will never have an effect on my life nor make me form opinions on how I can become a more better person….

Tell me what I NEED to know, what WILL affect my day, week, month or life.

Tell me about a red moon because it’s cool to look at.

Tell me about what’s happening in my town.

I’m not being mean.

I care about what happens on our world, and I know that information is a powerful tool for change and the catalyst for a nation’s security and prosperity.

But, enough!

No wonder people kill themselves in droves…

If I interpreted the mainstream media’s portrait like so many others do, I’d fucking kill myself too!

Someone somewhere is stealing our hope.

Can’t you feel it…?

We’ve gotta stop ‘em!

“Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.”

-Alexander Graham Bell

“Good night and…Good luck”

-Edwin R Murrow

I want to say so much more, but I am not versed in treachery and I can’t understand how some people can sleep at night knowing what they are doing is criminal, disgusting and counter-productive.

If it was me, I’d rather be known as the person that saved the world, and changed it because I could and it was the right thing to do.

But that’s just me…..

Just one man sitting in Louisiana in a semi-truck.

411 @ Your Peril; Rant 2

12 thoughts on “411 At Your Peril!”

  1. One of your more profound posts. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I get so tired of all the negative, we are going to die, shit. I also get really tired of hearing (reading) how we are stupid Americans with our heads in the sand. I agree some, a great deal, are, but I am not. I have a very good idea of what is going on, but I also see no reason to get my panties (if I wore them 😉 ) in a bunch. I cannot go to Russian, or speak to O’Bama, and stop any of the crap they are ensuing. I cannot cure the children even in American, much less over seas. I have no money now, so I really am at a loss. If I was to sit and ponder all these tales of woe all day, I would BE the depressed person my mum keeps trying to tell me I am.
    My take is this: I have studied enough history and world events of old to understand one thing: we have been here before. Many a time have people clung to the thought ‘these are the last days’ by interrupting the ‘signs’. Earthquakes have been on and off in intensity for eons; volcanos have spewed and then calmed over and over; we have waged war on each other innumerable times; and we, as a race, have always been greedy and self serving.
    We need to do as you stated, be the best and try to change the world we are in contact with each day. If we were in power of government, had religious influence of magnitude, or if we are scientists who could find cures, predict changes in the earth, or possibly help people, then we have a further responsibility. We, as individuals, have a responsibility to be good to each other. We can share information we think is relevant and helpful, but to keep all caught up in the doom and gloom serves no purpose.
    Peace & Love

  2. You are having fun here right? lol…None of that will happen..Even if WWIII happened, none of that would happen. WWIII IS a different beast …Financial wars and all that..

      1. How you think I feel, sometimes I got to write it.. lol
        And I just had a rant on the Facebook page..so it’s ok to rant.

        Saying that, there is a fine line between telling doom stories and telling a new story of interest…Very fine line..

  3. It starts local Trey. Everybody doing the best they can where they are. Little ripples and all that. Positive action and voices in the heart of where you live. I get so depressed when I read of many things then I just want to write a love poem or a rant. Both are cathartic and keep some stability. Otherwise people do lose the plot and go off the deep end into hopelessness. Not good. Positivity, hope, words and actions. And huge doses of love with a well-skelped arse when required. 😉 x

  4. Thanks for reminding me to calm down. I’ve been reading way too many horror stories lately that are really discouraging and make me wonder what the world is coming to. Thank you for reminding me to slow down, and take a look at my own life and pay attention to the things I CAN control. Good read.

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