411 @ Your Peril! Rant 2

411 @ Your Peril: Rant 1

I might as well shit my pants….

Hell, that’s about all any of us can do ain’t it?1458216-seppuku

“You wanna help?”

“Nope I think I’ll just stand here and shit my pants, thanks anyways”

Give us a chance world.

“Yeah yeah, I know that we are killing each other and raping you at will, but you have to forgive us poor stupid fuckers, it’s not our fault that we take 4 million years to evolve to a higher order of species!”

“I can only imagine that when 4 million years has gone by and our “evolved”progeny discover us in their future archaeological digs the prevailing sentiment will be something like this; “Look, these ignorant bastards used their feet and walked everywhere!”

(classroom finds this hilarious)

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They’ll laugh out loud heartily as they all fly away on their rocket Nikes’….

Please quit fighting wars….

What is so important to defend or kill over other than family?


Not even over man’s interpretation of God or the scriptures and verses written by “inspired men”.

What bullshit….

Only God knows…and that’s if he’s even listening anymore.

Fighting wars over what?


We don’t own the land. We live on the land.

What are marks on the map?

What is a flag?

Okay, y’all want to be an independent country and keep out the foreign hordes of “immigrants”?

Kinda makes you wonder why grave yards have “independent” grave markers don’t it?

Have you ever seen a marked mass extermination grave?

I mean, really?downloadgraves

We are the same species, we have red blood and bad taste in food or clothes!

There are differences that can’t be denied

a) We all have to sit down to poop

b) We can’t sneeze and yawn at the same time.(Don’t try it, you’ll die)

c) We all hate auto-correct

I’m not meaning to make light of what I’m saying, but I have to do this when I start on a tirade in a post and kick my soap box over to remind myself that NO ONE IS FUCKING LISTENING TO REASON ANYMORE!!

It is YOU Mr. Potato Head bitches that are fucking it up for the rest of us!

No, I can’t say that…It’s YOU, Mr. Good People who sit by and do nothing, you bunch of non-voting, un-civic minded apathetic pricks!

At least I try to do something! I can say that by God, at least I try…!

So do a lot of good people!

But destruction takes a lot less time than birth.

Good people….

They are the only reason we can go to a kids ballgame on a Wednesday during a perfect summer evening.

We can eat hot dogs, drink beer, talk shit about our neighbors then drive home with a new trophy that says “Champions”.

That’s why we can go to stores and buy ANYTHING WE WANT!

That’s why we can still go into a mall and not worry constantly about someone walking in with an Uzi and a distorted idea of why His mommy fucking ignored him and wouldn’t let him play video games all day and night and it’s her fault that he has to blow away all these people before the news comes on at six  because….”That’ll teach her…” and show she’s not the boss of me!

Do you know why we didn’t have crazy stuff like that when we were in school in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and a few of us in the 30’s and 40’s?

Because our parents would have killed us if WE HAD EVEN THOUGHT OF DOING SOMETHING STUPID And that’s after the school had overlooked that small detail surviving the vice-principles “principle” weapon of choice in the over-heating of adolescent asses.

You know what?

The southern states have been bitching about getting our asses whooped in the war of Northern Aggression aka “The Civil War” ever since it ended, but we got over it and remained part of a nation, albeit with much better college football teams, but we don’t start wars over that.

That’s about as good a reason to start a war as FAR as I can tell, the obvious common sense fact that THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO START ANOTHER WAR!!!!


Why do we let so few “leaders” control events?

Why do we let so few “leaders” make decisions on questions there are no answers for, only compromise?

Why do we let these “leaders” let these things happen when WE THE PEOPLE know IT’S NOT RIGHT!!!

Shit…the people born in the 30’s and 40’s probably think we’re all a bunch of fuck ups anyway.

I didn’t have to live through a Civil War or a depression….civil war

I mean, I didn’t have to live on a day when a nuclear weapon was used twice on a nation that was already beaten.

I didn’t have to look for Commies under my bed or at my schools.downloadbomb

I didn’t have to have school drills for hiding under my desk to keep the Russian missiles from vaporizing me….much.

I can’t even imagine that….

Cannon fire over the hill, dead soldiers floating down rivers in Georgia or Kansas….Bombers flying low over the trees dropping napalm.

It’s easier to bury bodies when they are already stacked up in one place I guess.

Am I the only one that see’s whats going on?!

They’re keeping us scared, numbing our minds to violence and bloodshed thru excessive visual and auditory over-load, in other words, “Making us not be able to fucking believe what we just saw, but hey! The news man said it happened so….”

It is the limitation of mans intelligence that we are where we are…

Who says we have to be foreign countries?

Who says that we have to have one god, one religion?

Who says that we still have no idea if the moon landings were real or why there is over 4 million possible combinations for a  Rubiks cube, but we can solve it in 23 second blind-folded!?

Who says that Socialism is bad and Capitalism is bad?

Who says that we are the only ones that are right about anything……about anything.

We are still unable to run a government that is actually less than 250 years old compared to a…say, feudal system in China,Japan, Egypt, Rome or even the Mongols for hell’s sake!

We are such hypocrites….

We are nothing compared to a dragonfly or Coral reef.

We are a virus on this planet, a festering, consuming bacterium that is corrupting its host, plus! And this is the funny part, We believe in a …get this….vengeful, loving God! The ultimate oxymoron!

WHO SAYS that we are the dominant species on this planet….? Not the flu virus….

WHO SAYS that we are human? A scientists…?

What if God has another name for us?

What if the aliens that brought us here called us “oops” and was just trying to hide the fact they screwed up an experiment with alien feces(us)  to keep their boss alien from finding out.

Think about that?

We know nothing about nothing….

We know how to kill. We got that shit down pat.

Even our lives end in death, or that’s what we think.

But how do we….know? Like the millions of answers to problems we can’t possibly ever discover

We don’t and we won’t…ever find out.


Accept it and move on to more pressing matters….

Prioritize Mr. Potato Heads!!!

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” -Confucius

I know some stuff….

I like to read and study things I know nothing about.

I also know, that all this knowledge I have, comes from mortal men that came from mortal parents.

Thus Mortal Man = Imperfect knowledge.

Crap, everything I know is heresay evidence based on circumstantial facts based on guidelines drawn by imperfect men….AGAIN!

I have imperfect knowledge from imperfect men in an imperfect world that we created plus, it is a mans definition of perfect that we base these findings on to begin with….

So, what’s actually perfectly normal?

What’s actually perfect?

What do we actually know?imagesroad

I know this….

We learned everything we know from men and women before us….

Their way is not perfect and it is not working good.

New guys and gals….

Do it different, learn from the past

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors” – Thomas Jefferson.

One thought on “411 @ Your Peril! Rant 2”

  1. There are lots of us getting pissed, Trey. Some truths do start to become self-evident. And one main question. Why? Voices shouting why and taking action. It’s global. The lunatics have taken over the asylum ( and have been running it for quite some time, purportedly in our name ) and now it is so obvious it hurts to think we let it happen. All of us. We trusted. We were shafted. Dismantling the current pecking order and reclaiming the reins will not be easy. But what else is there to do but be heard and ask why? Then act. Not in violence but in voices unified so strongly they cannot be ignored. That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Do voices outweigh violence and corruption? Well, it has been known. Keep the faith Trey. They can’t shoot us all. Who’d do the work? 😉 x

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