Sunday Threat Level 3


Good morning…

Read my posts today, especially the ones you missed.

That’s all you have to do today.

I am feeling really needy this morning and my narcissistic rage demands it.

If you don’t, I will hunt you down and erase your hard drive and rape your cat and or dog.

Remember, I am 1/64th Scottish and I know how to use it, plus I’m out of my meds….

Dangerous combination.

Have a great day and fulfill me…

Thx,  Your pal,  Treyzguy

12 thoughts on “Sunday Threat Level 3”

  1. I read all your stuff, even the inane, as soon as I get to my ‘puter. As to your lame ass threat regarding my cats and dog, well dear sir, you haven’t met my two cats who would leaving you crying like a girl before you even got near their beloved Bichon brother. The Bichon, meanwhile, would be loading the Sig and waiting for you to break for the door. Your visit would obviously leave some blood behind, yours, so I expect a way to bill you for the clean up work which will be necessary. Love ya’ bunches *big Southern girl smiles* You know as well as I do when a Southern girl smiles too big your ass is gator bait.

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