The Promise Of Rain: A Response

Today is a good day.

Yesterday was a learning day.

I probably learned one of the most important lessons of my almost 50 years yesterday.

I am not worthy...
I am not worthy…

First off, not to beat this to pieces, I read a post yesterday morning by my friend Belinda, aka busymindthinking

This post inspired mine: The Dying Rain

The responses surprised me…

To get the jist of what I am talking about, please read these in order.

This is not tooting my horn.

It is important to read these comments and such to see how much it moved these nice people in a way I found somewhat…..Overwhelming.

I had no idea that words could do this…..Words that ‘I’ had written

What did I learn?

When all the beautiful comments, reactions and likes started to ping on my phone I was proud of myself at first.

For about an hour….

Then, to be completely honest, I got a little scared.

I have never had so many people read or react to a post or story that I had written.

The post I am referring to that Belinda had written, the link above, touched me deeply.

The weird part is I don’t know why exactly it did….

It truly started to dawn on me how powerful words can be, be they good or evil.

Her’s was not a long post.

It wasn’t controversial.

But, it affected me like very few others have.

I felt her honesty, I felt her pain….I felt her loss.

I felt the love….

I felt the true innocence in the simple questions that her son asked, of which the answers could shape his life and beliefs.

“Yes dear boy, we all become Mother Nature”

Her son, a young child nonetheless, remembered his mothers promise to his ‘Aunt’ Cindy, her bestest friend.

That is an important thought to ponder.

How many promises do we forget in our lives?

I know how many I have given as so much crap….

Good intentions and all that…

How wonderful is it to have your child remind you the importance, the duty, to honor a beautiful promise?

How glorious is it that she has taught her child that a promise is a promise and must never be taken for granted and that it is most certainly more than just lip service.

I am humbled in the face of such spectacular devotion….

I am a student to a child….

I told Belinda that I can only hope that even a passing thought or memory of me after I have left this terrestrial plane would be a wonderful gift.

More than I could ever hope for….

To be remembered with love, humor …..

What else could be more treasured?

Will I know, does Cindy know, that her friend is fulfilling her promise?

I think she does….

Did Cindy smile from inside the storm when she heard her ‘nephew’ remind his mom of the promise?

When it rains in Belinda’s world, are they tears of joy or heavenly sustenance that Cindy is giving to her friend to uplift her in her daily struggles with pain?

Picture this….yesterday

Belinda walks to her car, she has so much to do….

As she fumbles with her keys and all of her shopping lists, her purse, her cell phone, she is getting flustered.

She is hurting today….

Then, she hears a distant rumble of thunder and feels drops of rain on her arms and maybe one or two on her cheek.

I see her raising her face to the sky and closing her eyes.

She remembers the promise.

Do you see the beauty of this?

For the rest of her life and probably the rest of her family’s lives, every time it storms they will all think of Cindy…..

She is in every storm.

She is in the rain.

She is in the wind.

She is in the angry sky that brings tears of memory from heaven.

They will probably complain that she makes it rain so much…


The promise binds Belinda to her friend for eternity…

Cindy returns the favor with maybe a grin or a snicker to Belinda, most definitely a moist eye.

Can you see it?

How important this promise is?

How valuable is our memories….

I can only shake my head in wonder trying to wrap my mind around this.

It is such a deep feeling that I am finding it difficult to process.

The lesson that I learned about yesterday, other than being reminded in the sacredness of a promise, is the effect that words have on other people.

Especially when the words describe subjects that people find dear to their heart or experiences they have had.

I did not write the post yesterday for myself or my followers.

I wrote it because Belinda’s post touched me somewhere that hasn’t seen light for quite a while.

I had to say something.

I had to express my admiration to her and her son for their loyalty to Cindy.

I had to let her know that I am awed by how much a promise means to her child.

“Yes child, she is in the storm”

He will remember this forever….

You know something else…?

I never knew Aunt Cindy, but now I will think of her too and the promise when the rain touches my face.

How awesome and powerful is this?-228575117760803663

[Shaking my head in wonder]

I had no idea….

I am humbled by the power of words and promises.

But now….?

I too, remember.

No, thank you…..

22 thoughts on “The Promise Of Rain: A Response”

  1. This is exactly where tears are borne, from the core of our beings, heart – soul – and spirit; when we speak from these places…whether we realize it (in the comments you received) or not, it’s when we give with this part of ourselves…it’s when we open the door to let others in. Whether it’s sunny or stormy, we’re surrounded by beauty…when we open our (hearts) eyes, to see it. I believe what you gifted to me, borne of the impact of the love my son and I, and Cindy and I shared…it allowed you to open up. You’re an amazing writer. You’re gifted with humor…but now I see you are also gifted with tenderness, expressing your compassion and an emotional side of you we were privileged to see in that piece…you touched my heart, yes, but look at how many other lives you touched…this is what happens when we give of ourselves – for another. Huge hugs. Variety is a thing of beauty….I look forward to any and all of your writings.

  2. Isn’t this life stupendous when it can deliver a defining moment to guys starting the back nine like us, Trey? Good day for you, my friend. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. You were right yesterday…
      I never thought so many people would be affected by that post.
      I was a little freaked out as you can tell.
      It effected me too…
      Thanx for all your help and support dear lady, you mean the world to me.
      Let me know what’s up with the surgery and such, i will worry until I hear from you.

      1. Thank you for your kind concern. I deeply appreciate it. The surgery will be on my knee, removing a cancer spot, and the stitches will be in for two weeks. All I have to dodge is infection and be careful not to rip out the stitches by falling off my trampoline or roller skates. I will be careful to avoid all of the above. I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts and finding some love and laughter.

  3. Your words Trey as well as Belinda’s have touched a lot of people and by touching they have left a mark. I doubt any one who has read either post will look at storms the same way. I know I won’t. Thank you Trey for sharing.

  4. Today is one of those days neither good, nor bad, happy or sad, just an ordinary day full of ordinary things, until that is I came across your beautiful blog and wow was I inspired!! Your words, everything you shared moved me so much and blessed both my heart and my soul and for that I am truly grateful. We all have storms in our lives and somehow by just sharing that very fact can and does help others through storms of their own.

    Thank you again, may God bless your beautiful heart and may you keep up the wonderful, inspiring work 🙂

      1. Thank you for showing me yet again that there is always something beautiful to found in the ordinary 🙂

  5. Told you so! I told you a long time ago you were a great writer, and you blew me off. Now will you listen to me? This is proof.

    Peace & Love

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