I Have Never Feared The Rain

I have never feared the rain lkj

Even when it pours…I can keep my head above the torrent.

I know how to swim.


I will step into the shade when the light starts to burn.

I will wrap a cloak around me when I start to shiver.

I will touch a flower gently because I know it is fragile.

I will not touch fire when it is beautiful.

I know better….

I can step across a crack in the sidewalk because I can see the other side.

I can leap a canyon because I KNOW there is another side.

I will not jump, I know my limitations.


There is no need to teach me.

I know better.

I have always known better.

I know my limits.

I drag them around like leg irons.

But I can’t help myself….

The fire is so pretty, I’ll just touch it for a second.

The sun feels so good on my face, but I can’t look at it.imagessunlight

I want to…..

I know better….

I will look, just for a second.

I’ll only be blind for a minute or so….


The cold is invigorating.

….until it starts to burn.

I know my limits.

How can I not?

I hear them in my head non-stop.

“Don’t do that” they say.

“Why?” asks my soul.

“Because….” my limits reply.

“That’s not a reason” says my limitless soul.

“You know better” they say.imagesbadgood

Why do I know better?

Why do I HAVE to know better?

Why can’t I touch the fire?

Why can’t I look at the sun?

Why can’t I kill a flower?

It’s only a flower….

It’ll grow back.

There are no limits to how high a flower will grow to reach the sun.

Unless, it never rains…


If I were a flower, I would touch the sun.Great day

It rains here when there are no clouds in the sky.

My life is a little sun and a little rain.

Lots of flowers….

Even when it rains on my parade, I can still hear the music.

Boom boom, bada-boom!


Yes, they are here.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it….20130927_163610

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