Rambling Thoughts for the Day


What a week.

I’ve driven across this beautiful country again.

I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and did not get radiation sickness.

But my toenails look great!

Why do ocean waves always make me want to pee…?

I watched a video of a family cat beat the shit out of a dog that attacked her 4 year old human.

People seem surprised that a cat could be so bold.

Granted, you hear stories of a family cat waking their humans when a house is on fire, but never, that I know of, a cat coming to such a rescue.

Cats beat the shit out of dogs all the time…20140508_210628

Dog be like “That bitch got a knife!”

I like cats.

I’m allergic if they stay in my face for an extended time, but over-all I can tolerate them.

They are self-absorbed, arrogant and paranoid….

Just like me.

If you haven’t seen the video of this (Are you on planet Earth?)

Type in “Hero Cat” on YouTube.

Bad ass kitty kitty.



I saw a hologram of Michael Jackson performing on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards last night…

I cried.

I grew up with MJ, I learned how to moon-walk, wore ‘parachute’ pants, worked in radio stations during my high school years while his albums went inter-galactic.

I cried.

I know it wasn’t him.

That’s the sad part.

I know MJ is no longer with us.

That’s weird….I was gonna say ‘dead’ but it just seemed disrespectful.

How can he be dead if I can still hear his voice?

Elvis is not dead, only his body is.elvis

Or is it…?

Besides, I’ve seen him working as a short-order cook at a truck stop in New Mexico.

He makes great eggs, sunny-side up.

The fried bologna he cooked for me gave him away.

Through their music, they will live forever.

I wonder if truly great artists realize at the time that they are struggling as un-discovered lumps of coal what kind of an impact on mankind that they will have.

I’ll let you know after my first book goes global.

I will remember the little people that I unfortunately crushed on my way to the top.


I haven’t been writing as much lately.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say or that I am experiencing ‘writers block’, I just decided to only post good things and to take more time to ponder ideas.

You know, be relevant…cutting edge…….Interesting.

The quality of my posts lately, have not been my best.

No, No…it’s true….

I feel like I’m forcing it.

I also have to work every day and I’m just too damn tired to think.imagesblock3

I can’t read others post as much as I want to, I can only do that if I am on an extended break for a day or two.

I really, really try to read as many as I can, there’s just so many awesome bloggers out there with so many differing opinions and styles that I can’t even hope to make a dent in a smidgen of them.




I have to wash clothes today.

I am becoming offensive to myself.imageswww

I only have to call and my pants come to me….

If I don’t wash my underwear soon they will take root.

I am NOT walking around with a dingle-berry tree hanging out of my butt!

Another thought….


It is too expensive to keep paying for my data card.

I figured it up and it costs me $960 a year!

Truck stop Wi-Fi only costs $149 a year…..

What do you think I’m gonna do?downloadmoney

The sacrifice is that I have to be in a certain truck stop obviously, but I don’t think y’all will die if I don’t post something for a day or two.

I know one of the cardinal laws for blogging is to post something every day, no matter what.

This is not possible for me.

I want to read more posts anyways….



I am looking at myself in my visor mirror.

I look old, but in a good way.

I wonder what I’ll have for breakfast….

I wonder if the earth is gonna crack in half and send us all spiraling into space.

I wonder if I have a blood clot in my leg that is going to break loose and kill me.

I wonder if I have the winning lottery ticket in my wallet.

I wonder if my wife is still asleep….Lazy butt.

I wonder what y’all are doing, all over the world.

I wonder why the sky is blue.

I wonder why some people have Fibromyalgia and other illnesses that I have been blessed to avoid up until now.

I wonder why people kill other people over religion or politics.

I wonder how long God will let this go on.earth

I just realized I have a gift for bumming myself out.

Okay, happy thought time….

What an effort it takes to keep oneself positive nowadays.

One of the most depressing things that I see as I drive around this country is the dead small towns.

Abandoned buildings….

I see new construction happening everywhere, that’s a good thing….

But, I see so many empty buildings, warehouses and houses that could be renovated, it doesn’t make any sense that we build new stuff when there’s so much stuff already built.

Well, that happy thought time didn’t last long did it…?

One last try…

I am handsome.

I am healthy.

I am the master of my life.20140411_134840-picsay

I am….

The Total Package!

Aw, that’s the Trey I know and love.

I would worship me against my own will.

Much better….

I have to clean up my truck today.

I think I’ll listen to some James Taylor, a little Michael Jackson and some Classical while I clean up my ‘house’.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts this morning.

Have a great week and be safe.

“Always make sure that the last word you say is positive in case it’s your last”

–          Trey


Crap, that’s depressing….LOL!

Ciao! Ci vediamo!

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