Slowly Dying


Bored to tears
But I can’t cry
I’ve done all of my chores
Now I must die
If idle hands are the Devils work shop
I am going to burn in hell sizzle pop!
I wrote my two posts and have read many today
My eyes are dry and cracking
My will to live is slipping away
Please give me something to do
That will exercise my bean
Give me some task other than clean.
I hate washing clothes, especially mine
They tend to reek and take extra time
I hate sweeping and cleaning Windows and those types of jobs
But I must admit, I seem to be a slob.
My fridge looks like an experiment that’s gone awry
When I opened the door all the flies doth did die.
I’ve never seen Baloney so lime green before
I’ve never had to pry open a fridge door before.
I am so bored now that I’ve died in my chair
Now I think I’ll just sit here and count my nose hair.
This post is so stupid I can’t believe my own eyes
But thanks for wasting your valuable time you great bunch of girls and guys….

9 thoughts on “Slowly Dying”

  1. Clean your fridge out, go to the laundromat and grocery shop. Buy a pint, come back home, sit, drink it down and pass out. And your cured.

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