Racism And Me 3: After

If you haven’t read yesterdays post here’s the link:

Racism And Me 2: Prejudice

You might want to read it first before this one…..Continuity, back story and all that jazz.

So, after the adrenaline settled down and the asshole left the restaurant, it took about 10 minutes for everything and everybody to mellow out and get back to the business of breakfast….

I didn’t say anything further to the group of Amish, they said nothing to me.download (43)

I wasn’t looking for thanks or a pat on the back.

Besides, I think that those Amish fellows had plenty of righteouness to throw down if it came to that.

When I got thru with my breakfast I left my tip and headed for the potty.

Truck stop food does that to a guy….

In one hole and out the other in less than five minutes.

No need in wasting energy with digestive processes.

Like pouring it out of a bucket….



I walk into the bathroom and guess who I run into…?

That’s right….

The asshole.

He is in the bathroom raising hell at a Hispanic guy, we’ll call him Petro, for blowing his nose into the sink!

“What the hell are you doing you nasty mother f’er!?” sayeth the asshole.

“You don’t blow your shit in the “GD” sink, I gotta wash my “F’N” hands in that mother f’er!” continues asshole

note: there’s 4 other sinks to choose from….

“I was gonna wash it out” returns Petro, a little taken aback.

Asshole looks up and see’s me when I come closer to the sinks…

Keeping his gaze on me he keeps at Petro “You a nasty mother f’er you know that, f’n Mexicans!”

“I’m not a Mexican, I’m from Honduras” says Petro.

“You a nasty Mexican, all you Mexicans are nasty!”

“Stupid is as stupid does mama always said…..”fg

I just stand there….

Great, I’m gonna have to beat this bitch to death in the mens room…..

At least the clean-up will be easy.

I prepare myself to create a crime scene….

“I was gonna wash it out” repeats Petro.

“It don’t f’n matter mother f’er, that’s just nasty! You gotta be more considerate of shit!”

I laughed out loud!


After what just went down in the restaurant, this asshole is preaching about consideration!?

I said “You got to be kidding me” I laughed some more, shaking my head in amazement.

I looked over at the asshole, he was staring at me….

Petro looked at me….he had not been in the restaurant during the “disagreement”.

“You know how Mexicans is!” says asshole…looking at me.

He’s trying to get me to join his team!


Me and the black guy against the Mexican…..

Some peoples kids…..

Tag team match!images (10)

Kill the nasty ass Mexican…or whatever in the hell he is….!

I said “Dude, you’re making a big deal outta nothing, ain’t you pissed off enough folks this morning?”

“This is different!” asshole said

You can’t talk to some people.

Some people are just…well, you know…..fuckin’ nuts!

Petro wiped down the sink with hand soap and water while this was going back and forth between us.

“There!” Petro said “Clean as new!”

Asshole just shook his head in disgust and said “Only washed it out ’cause I called you on it”

images (11)I could almost hear the bats in his belfry and even THEY wanted out of this crazy bastards head!

Petro looked at me, I looked at him, we both looked at the asshole…

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead….

The asshole went into a stall and slammed the door!

He told us, dammit!

I looked at Petro and grinned, nodded toward the door of the stall and gave the universal sign of “Fuck you!”

Petro grinned…

He habla….

He went his way….I went my way.

The asshole is still out there….somewhere.

Touching hearts, touching minds….

But what he doesn’t know is that I pee’d in all 4 sinks while he was going stinky poo poo!

(Not really, I just spit in them)

If there is a God, “Please let him not have any toilet paper” I thought


Drip dry Bitch!

Chalk one up for the good guys!downloadmnswwdqw







2 thoughts on “Racism And Me 3: After”

  1. well Trey, I am disappointed . I was expecting more action. I am kidding. All the respect for you how you handle the situation with a laugh. All the best for you.

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