Sucker Punched In Vegas

Murdered In Cold Blood

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I’m sitting there, eating a pizza for lunch and this guy walks up and blows my brains out, then kills my partner!

At least my ‘padnuh’ got to shoot back at the son of a bitch before he died.


I, however, never knew what hit me.

That sux….

Just for kicks, give me a chance to kill them back next time.



I will remember you bitch, I will find you next time ‘round!

I won’t shoot you in the back, I’ll shoot you in the face…

There is no forgiveness here on the other side, that’s bullshit.

You know what?

I never thought my day would end and eternity begin this way when I woke up this morning and kissed my wife and kids goodbye.

I was worried about getting to work on time!

I was miffed because my wife decided that soy milk is best for my cereal…

I was put out because my 5 year old son didn’t cover his mouth when he sneezed.

When I was pinning my badge on my shirt this morning, I didn’t think of it as a target.

….just, as my badge.

….fucking hilarious now that I think about it.dt.common.streams.StreamServer

Who would’ve thought I’d get my ticket punched at a fuckin’ CiCi’s Pizza!?

Why couldn’t it have been during a bank robbery or a hostage situation or a burning building!?

Me, crashing thru the window, guns blazing….saving lives and smokin’ assholes!?

Running thru the flames and screams to save kids or an old ladies cat….

…..saving a kid from…..anything bad.

Dammit all……

It isn’t fair.

Who would’ve thought that my last memory on this earth would have been the taste of pizza and the smell of gun-smoke…?


I always joked about dying, when I was alive, that I’d die leaping out of a beautiful young woman’s window with my pants in my hand as her jealous husband chased after me, say, when I was about 70 or 80 years old! LOL!

Some crazy bastard killed me because I wore a (26)

That pisses me off…

What REALLY pisses me off is that the son of a bitch sucker shot me…

I never saw it coming.

I am not grateful for this.

I am like everyone else, give me a fighting chance, don’t shoot me in the back…

The worst thing in the world for a cop is to get shot in the back by a fucking coward, or anyone for that matter.

Cowards only make it….. MORE fucked up.

I think I was alive long enough to see my pizza slice laying on the floor right in front of my face.

I could see my blood seeping toward the pizza and you know what the last thought that popped into my head was?!

The fucking “10 second” rule about dropping food on the floor!!

C’mon Karma….I hope you are true.

I am fucking begging for reincarnation!

My poor wife, my kids….

My partner….

His kids….

Dead…in our own unique experiences.

Just because I was a cop.badge

The son of a bitch widowed my wife and left my kids without their “daddio” because I am…or was…a cop.

Oh, that whole thing about not remembering anything and having nothing but feelings of love and forgiveness after you die….

That’s bullshit.

I see dead people everywhere, and they are ALL pissed!

Wait….hold on….

It’s that lady they shot at the Walmart!

She looks lost…

Christ, I bet her family doesn’t even know yet….

I see the 2 assholes now, coming thru the veil, up to the gate!

What the…!?

Did my guys get ‘em?

St. Pete just looked over at me and jerked his head towards them and mouthed “It’s them…”

There is ANGER in heaven….

Karma is real……


The assholes….

They are about to die….again.

I might burn in hell, but I’ll be the happiest son of a bitch there.

4 thoughts on “Sucker Punched In Vegas”

  1. Thanks man! Really, this was great. I feel the anger, and the confusion throughout the piece. I haven’t heard any more about who the shooters were, or why! Seriously messed up situation. All I can say is at least the shooters are dead, so tax payers don’t have to spend any money on them (public defender, court, jail, prison) and there is no chance of them getting a light sentence. It also probably saves a lot of other policemen who would want to search the fools out and take vengeance in their own hands. But…it was cowardly, like you said, to shoot them in the back, and then to shoot themselves.
    Thanks for the tribute.

    Peace & Love

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