The Battle of Will


For those of you that think I am taking my Pepsi/carbonated water(CW) ban too seriously, let me assure you that I have many dreadful years of experience in trying to figure out how I can overcome a difficulty, be it as minor as my Pepsi and CW cold turkey attempt.

  I know that I cannot have one Pepsi or carbonated drink.

You have to understand an addict/alcoholic mind.

If I give in just a little bit I will fail my goal.

It’s all or nothing for people like me.

Once I make up my mind and actually take the first step, I can’t turn back.

If I can beat this “addiction” I have had for 30 years and I can get past the initial cravings during the first week or so, then I know that I might have a chance at success.

Hopefully, I will become the type of person who looks down his nose at others who cannot overcome their weaknesses.

Puny humans…

There is nothing holier than thou than an addict/alcoholic who has beaten their monster of particular choice.

Success does not happen that often for addicts, but when it does we milk that bad boy for all its worth!

I wanna be a hypocrite and ridicule people!

It may just be Pepsi and CW to you, but it is a much bigger thing for me.

It is a battle of will power.

Addicts /alcoholics have no will power unless it’s for “hunting” dope or money for booze.

Then, we’re truly focused…

It is the cravings that brings us down.

In us…. Craving is… Our Kryptonite.


Death can be a failure.

If I can make my will power hold out, then I know that finally….


I might just be gaining some semblance of control with my life.

“Once down is no battle”

Yes, it’s only Pepsi…

Only…. To you.

To me?

It is the point.

It is a battle against myself.

I play dirty pool….

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