Booga Booga

I’m gonna try something…

I saw a site where someone made 20 one paragraph horror stories.

It freaked me out!

I’m gonna try to do a few without plagiarizing any of theirs:

1) I heard my son scream out from his room tonight. He’s at camp.

2) Tommy came over and asked if my son could come out to play. My son accidentally shot him 10 years ago.

3) A cop was pulling me over. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the dead body in the backseat. It was me….

4) The axe dripped blood. I don’t remember driving to Home Depot.

5) The priest quit talking. The doors at the back of the church opened slowly. “Run” choked out the priest.

6) The chainsaw was loud. The gag in my mouth kept me quiet.

7) When I got home, I smelled something burning in the kitchen. I opened the stove and saw my wife looking back at me.

8) I picked up the kids at school this afternoon. The cops told me I don’t have any kids and they need to look in the basement.

9) I heard sirens. My son stood in the room covered in blood, grinning…
“Schools out” he said

10) The Domino’s Pizza guy showed up at 29 minutes.

Lame…. But fun.

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