See In The Dark

Now I lay me down to sleep…

I'm... Just soo tired.

Which nightmare shall I see?

The running in slow motion one?

The falling one?

Will I finally find out who’s been chasing me all of my life?

Will she love me again, the woman I have never met or clearly seen?

Will I ever fly again?

Are the monsters still waiting for me to close my eyes?

Sometimes I think they follow me back to the Awake place…

Will my super strength stay with me?

Why are silent screams in my dreams loud enough to wake me?

How can I cry in a dream?

Why does the sense of loss follow me back into the light…?

I’ve been torn from lovers that I have never seen, but whom I love with the intensity only a dream can create.

Will I ever love that way…?

Can I dream love in reality?

I don’t want to dream, I hope too.

I want to sleep.

I don’t know what will happen when I close my eyes…

I hardly know when they are open…

I hate screaming in the dark.

I hate crying in my sleep.

I hate never being able to tell “her” goodbye.

Maybe I’ll get to fly again one day.

If I should die before I wake, will I know it….

Or will I dream of heaven and never know…?

Will it be a falling or flying dream?

You never know, with dreams.

Now hush….
…. and pray the Lord, my soul to take.

Because there are other things in the dark that want me, too…

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