Hunting Ground

I am not the soap box type…

I don’t like writing about politics, organized religion, social stigmas or tennis.20131025_085810

But there are some things that I see during my day that strikes me deep and I feel moved to say something about it and bring it to the attention of my blog following.

My thinking is this; I don’t know what my followers do for a living, well maybe a couple, but I don’t know if there is a famous person, a learned person or a influential person keeping an innocuous profile amongst the ranks of my horde that any of my inane posts may touch in a particular way, that they have the ability to either do something about it or know people that can make changes, real changes on our little blue marble hanging in space.

That’s my point, I guess…

I don’t know the person on the other end of my online string.

There are terrible people amongst us.


I read a news story yesterday that shocked me.

I live on this planet with the rest of you, I have to listen to the same media outlets and hear about atrocities the world over, every day…

Day after day, month after month, year…after year…for years.

Atrocities that, the majority of the time, can be prevented.

We have all become numb to it.

We are beaten about the head and shoulders with this crap.

Driven to our knees by evil….

We are hardly ever shocked anymore, if ever, really.

It’s hard to tell.

I know one thing…

We are used to it.

We expect the worse before we dream of the best.

I know most of us want to make a difference; to protect people, to feed people, to live in safety….

But alas; C’est la vie….

The Internet….

The ultimate hunting ground.

The ultimate camouflage…

In one of our most perceived “wholesome” states here in the U.S, Wisconsin; associated with fat, milk fed babies, green fields covered with spotted cows, bright red barns, cheese, and big, tall handsome blonde people named Sven or Helga….

They found two murdered women stuffed in suitcases.

Murdered, by a former police officer that met these women on Craigslist, thru a sadomasochistic, deviant forum.

I am not blaming Craigslist, I am admonishing them.

The internet must be controlled more aggressively in these cases.

The passivity, or unconcern for its patrons, is shameful….No….horrifying.

Porn, deviant sites, racial hate forums, con artists, should be illegal.

Not restricted…not moderated…


They should be punished with death.

The deviants have a very rich hunting ground thru the internet.

They stalk the lonely.

They stalk the weak.

They stalk the old and desperate…

The poor and hungry…

It is personal freedom, you may say.

It is their right, you may say…

Fine…I’ll give you that.

I agree with you to some extent, but if you put meat in front of a predator or scavenger, it will get eaten.



We must protect our weaker brethren from the hunters of souls.

How can we turn this innocence into perversion?
How can we turn this innocence into perversion?

I am not ignorant enough to think that humans aren’t flawed.

Each human is unique, has different “tastes” “interests” “desires”.

But if we continue to keep serving up these hunters with their favorite dishes, they will continue to feed.

They can’t help themselves.



You can control yourself; it is in our DNA to know what is right and what is wrong.

We are not animals, animals don’t kill for pleasure.

Destroy their hunting ground…

Destroy it all….

If you are a child predator, a porn deviant, an online hunter of women or men, a malicious murderer or a manipulator of vulnerable, trusting people, you should die…

Think about it….

If I owned a website, a search engine….there is no expense I would not spare to protect the children from the monsters among us.

I would spare no expense to protect the innocent, or protect monsters from themselves.

It is my duty as a human being, a citizen of our world, to protect…to defend….to watch over my brother.

There is a difference between mentally ill and evil…

Evil must be destroyed.

How can we continue to allow this?

These women were killed and stuffed into suitcases!

Porn is evil….

Sadly, this case is not unique.

I can’t wrap my mind around it….that people get off hurting someone for the “so-called” sexual pleasure they derive from it….

It may be hard to believe, but I have had sex before…

I have seen a naked woman, without having to beat her unconscious first…

Not once! Did I think “Man, I’d love to stuff a rubber ball in her mouth, tie her up and beat the shit out of her and put it on the internet…I wonder how much I can charge for it!”

Or this….”Man, that 8 year old is sexy as hell”

Makes me sick….

I know, you know, that “Snuff porn” is illegal, child porn and beastiality, just a few examples mind you, is aggressively prosecuted, but get this;

People are still buying it!

There is a market for it!

The internet has allowed these sites to explode, or the people behind them have…

Who does this?

Do they have a wife….kids….grand-parents?

Do they go to work each morning, guilt free?

What are they missing in their souls?

Should we let them exists on our planet?

How can they breathe the same air as me and not choke to death on their own bile?

I don’t understand how we let this happen…

The internet is a vehicle, but who are we giving a license to drive said vehicle?

What is a deviant?

I don’t have to explain it….

We all know.

Responsibility, people!

All of these hunters, purveyors of human filth should be destroyed!

We may not be able to completely kill the cancer, but we can slow its spread.

Our society is scarred from these cancerous lesions, and it’s spreading to our vitals.

What is great is that a few good people keep our hopes alive for the future, and do their best to fight the monsters that hunt among us.

We must all hunt them right back…

Make the hunted…hunted.

Think about how disgusting child porn is….

Think about how sexual deviance makes you cringe…

I’m not saying, smacking your wife on the fannie while the big nasty is going down or making your husband dance around naked in your high heels in the privacy of your own home is deviant.


Y’all know what I mean.

Think about the people that peddle it…

Hunt them….

Destroy their industry…


Prosecute them BEYOND the limits of the law.


Are we all enablers!??

I’m sorry I ranted.

P.S  Open plea to the “hacker” group “Anonymous”


If you wanna do something worthwhile, expose all of these perverts.

Destroy them.

I will be hunting them too.

My internet safari…

I will tattle….

I will tell….



Do your part, I beg you…

Here’s how: Hunting License

3 thoughts on “Hunting Ground”

  1. Well said. Years ago, a ten-year-old sister of one of my senior students was murdered, stuffed into a suitcase, and hidden in a closet in the apartment of a young male neighbor, the murderer. He was arrested the next day. The story hit the Los Angeles papers big time. I have never seen as many police in attendance as at her funeral Mass. People who prey on the innocent, the defenseless, the confused, the weak, and get away with it day after day should be held responsible for their actions. As long as it is a thriving business, and it seems to be just that, pornographers and child abusers will continue to make money from others’ suffering. How can these businesses be put out of circulation?

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