Our Worth…

Gold is a rock.

Coins of exchange are made of metal.gold

Cheap metal…

Dollars, Deutschmarks, Lira, Yuan, Peso, Yen, Ruble…Euro, are made of paper.

Men are made of blood and flesh. Liquid life, pliable weakness….of great worth, but no real value…

Bullet catcher’s maybe…..

Flag waving agenda vanguards maybe….

Joyous martyrs to men and God’s we don’t even understand….or have ever met.


We do not have our value printed on our skin….

Or do we?

Well, maybe in Rome or Warsaw, Siberia….South Carolina….at one time.

I didn’t know you could buy your very own nigger for a hundred dollars and a mule….

I guess it depends on the color…dead

Man has become a commodity to be spent.

We are cheaper than the rock and paper.

Valued highly at one time, but the market has changed.

We are in demand but are not worthy of long term investments.

A true financial guru would never stake his money on mankind, or the success thereof.

It doesn’t pay…

Well, if your business is war…it pays very well.imagesmmmm

If your business is religious zealotry, then wow…!

Human life has too many variables, too many down sides to be considered “profitable”.

Even a bookie wouldn’t take money on mankind…

You always bet on a sure thing, is the rule.

The odds are shit.

I wouldn’t risk it, if it was me, not in my “financial” state.

My portfolio is closed against investing in mankind.

Gold is a rock.

A yellow rock….

Who gave it worth?

We are no better than monkeys, birds or fish….

They love shiny, pretty things.

We love shiny, pretty things too…

We kill for them all the time.

Man planted and nurtured the root of all evil.

It was grafted from greed.money It blossomed….like poison ivy.

We started money.

We created the monster…

“It’s alive!!!”

We decided gold is more valuable than life, freedom….friends.

We decided that paper money has the worth of a soul stamped across the paper.

Do you think God likes seeing his name on money?

His name carved into the root of all evil?

If you ever need to remove a blood-stain, press a dollar bill over it for a minute or two…

Money soaks up blood very well….

Do away with money and just….share.

A diamond is a rock.

A ruby is a rock.

An emerald is a rock….

Why are they more valuable than a river-pebble, they’re shiny, pretty AND smooth.

I believe that a diamond loses its value when it is no longer a chunk of coal…

Coal keeps you warm, diamonds keep you cold. Cold as the grave….

imagesddd Just ask Africa.

Greed is what you use to grow the root of all evil.

It is the ultimate compost.

Bullshit and blood.

If I had, I would give….

Of myself, my excess….my home.

Money is hated by those that don’t have it….they are hated by those that do.

What value am I compared to a shiny rock?

What value am I, compared to a new, crisp piece of paper whose value is set by the ink of a pen?

A ten thousand dollar note can be written by a one dollar pen….

Think about that…


I am priceless, yet I do not shine…

Only in my families eyes do I sparkle.

I have great value, but only in my eyes.

poor I am a lumpy, uneven rock…

Yet, I am still a rock.

What are we compared to a shiny rock?

But, you know something….

Something no one else knows…?

I can’t honestly set a true value on myself compared to a shiny rock with the pretty name or the crisp piece of paper that waits for a name….

You see…? I’m a different kind of rock…..


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