Seeing Is Believing

Can you see, forever?20131114_152430

Does it look far away, or can you…almost…touch it?

Is the mind limited by what our eyes can reach?

Close your eyes then, and reach out….

Fly thru the valleys of forever time, a landscape that is created by the limits that you are capable of.

Open the mind and see, where the golden land lies…

Is it truly there?

You can see it, even though your eyes are closed.

The eyes that draw in vision are not the eyes that create, forever land.

Breathe in the air, of forever time…

You can…almost…touch it.

Walk thru the rivers of forever land, and see….

There are no bends, no dams that slow or hinder the forever tide…

There is only power, majesty in the icy rush of flow around your feet….

Climb the mountain, and see….20130928_120523

It is the forever peak that hides a forever sky.

Can you see the summit?

You can…almost…touch it…

The eternal sun that holds forever land is waiting for you…

You can feel the warm, golden kiss of light, as if by a lover, tickling across the back of your hand.

It is a forever, tender kiss.

The ropes of sunlight grasp your arms and help you kneel before the edge of forever sky…

Your eyes are closed….

The voice that has been with you forever whispers “I am afraid to see”

The sun kisses your cheek, the lips of forever sky brush lightly across your brow…

The forever voice, in gasping awe “There it is” “Open your eyes”

Open your eyes, it says…

Easy for it to say

I’ve never seen forever, have you?20130913_191443

You open your eyes and behold forever land.

Time has no purpose here, in forever….

Now, close our eyes and imagine…

Your very own forever…

You can…almost…touch it.

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