The Gayness

What do I write about today?

I don’t really have a subject or an idea to speak of…

I know!!!

Let’s talk about gay people!

1)      Is homosexuality wrong?

Men and women are biologically designed to procreate…onions2

It’s what we do…

That is the purpose of sex after-all ain’t it, to make babies?

Yes, I know that sex is an important part in a healthy relationship, but bottom line…Humans are the only species, that we can prove, that has sex for pleasure.

I do it because my wife makes me, sometimes violently.

A man cannot get pregnant thru his butt or his throat.

Scientific fact.

It may be a little “vulgar” or “tasteless” (pardon the play on) to state gay sex in such terms.

But, am I incorrect in my description?

That’s how males have sex with one another.

A woman cannot get pregnant by another woman, unless a turkey baster or a contributing ‘male’ sperm donor, via the local “chum bank” is available.

I am a pig….I admit this.

Women having sex does not bother me as much as guys having sex.

Maybe, because I am a straight guy or I’m a slight pervert.

However, I am not a homophobe.

I do not look at men in ‘that’ way.

I see a handsome guy, I think, “That’s a handsome dude, I used to be that pretty”

I do not have images of tearing his clothes off and jumping his bones.6a00d8341bf90553ef0133ed23234d970b-800wi-picsay

To think that there are men that prefer men is beyond my comprehension.

I don’t know why gay people do it.

Can’t they find a nice girl/guy?

What’s wrong with them?

Is there something wrong with them?

I do not believe that people are born gay.

I believe they are created by society and/or circumstances of their childhood.

Here’s a comparison, but not really intended to draw it that way:

Racist are not born, they are made.

Gay people and gay advocates can scream all day long about, genes, DNA, sexual identity, sexual confusion, woman trapped in a man’s body and vice versa.

It is genetically impossible to be born gay.

The Id/Ego, or whatever it’s called, is what makes people gay.

Not biology….Psychology.

I know a bunch of gay people, guys and gals, and the funny part is that 90% of them were married to a member of the opposite sex first, some cases, multiple times.

“I was trying to find my identity!”

“It disgusted me every time he/she touched me!”

“I’ve been gay my whole life, I was just scared to say anything!”

I’ve heard all kind of reasons from these friends.

Why do they have to have a reason to be gay, to want people to understand why they are the way they are?


Why do you have to say anything at all?downloadsigns

Why do you have to insist on being legally married?

For acceptance…?

Why does your private sexual business, because that’s all it’s based on, have to be ‘out’ in the open?

Sexual attraction is what starts any interest in another, and if you say no, then you are delusional.

When a person looks at another person, the first thought that pops into their head, is “They are attractive, or not”

Nothing else.

Our first opinion of someone is a physical reaction to attraction.

Am I wrong?

I didn’t look at my wife and think “I bet she makes excellent pork chops”

I thought “Grrrr…I’d like to pork chop her”

I also believe that the majority of the gay men, that I have encountered, live their lifestyle for the shock value it generates.

They want to make people notice, they want to be different, they TRY to be gay.

At the gay pride events that I have been to, all in Salt Lake City, you didn’t see the lesbians acting like fools.

You may have seen some short hair-cuts and rainbow shirts on some of the gay women, but you didn’t see them in leather ass-chaps with rubber dildos hanging around their necks!

Don’t assume I am bunching all gay men into this small batch of “Flaming Homo’s”.

If you do, you are insulting my intelligence.wpid-wp-1398594977031.jpg

The gay people that I know…

You wouldn’t know they were gay, unless you KNEW them.

They have homes, jobs, kids in some cases, and ‘regular’ lives.

They ain’t out there waving flags and dancing in the streets wearing tee-shirts that scream “I’m a fag!”

They aren’t worried about marriage licenses and legal recognition.

They’re worried about themselves and their kids and making ends meet.

Do I agree with their lifestyles?

Of course I do.


Love is involved.

That is what makes the difference.

I don’t know how one man can be in love with another man.

I don’t understand the same love between women.

But, I’ve seen it.

I have asked them “Do you want your kids to be gay?”

They always answer, in short “It’s not up to us”

How can we turn this innocence into perversion?

Their boys wear boy clothes and play with toy soldiers.

Their girls wear dresses, or boy clothes, and play with dolls, or toy soldiers.

These are the gay people that will change things, not the flaming Sodomites skipping down the street blowing kisses at old men in the crowd and shaking their asses at the mommies with small kids standing on the sidewalk that stumbled into the parade coming out of the mall.

These are not gay people.

These are filth.

I know gay people.

I love my gay people.

I tease my gay people relentlessly.

My gay people like me too.

Is homosexuality wrong?

Not when love is involved.

Do I agree with it, does it irk my Christian values?

How can I argue with love and still be a Christian?

Can I wrap my head around people being gay?

Do I need to understand it?

No…..I don’t.

It’s not my business.

Who am I to judge another?

Will gay people destroy our civilization?

"What do you mean the Unicorns are gay?!"
“What do you mean the Unicorns are gay?!”

No, I think we still got them out-numbered.

Beside, who is gonna adopt all the babies abandoned by teen-age girls, babies born in alleys, crack houses, and slums, born to some of us ‘straight’ people?

There are 7 adopted children in my gay families.

“Uncle Trey” tells them that “They are all little shits!” but they adore their parents.

Is it wrong to be gay?

I can’t look at the little shits and say that….

Unless they’re eating their freaking spaghettio’s with ketchup again….

How can anything be wrong when love is involved?

There are gay people and then there are the ones that ‘play’ at being gay.

My gay people are good folks, even if they have ugly kids.

p.s just kidding guys/gals ; p

6 thoughts on “The Gayness”

    1. I don’t think it went over very well. I bungled thru a gay pride suare’ yesterday and was appalled at the spectacle. The first thing I thought was “These assholes are just looking for attention and shock” Then I remembered that even us straight people have a few bad apples amongst us. But I swear that they were wearing ass chaps with dongs in their hands, mouths and around there necks. I thought “God’s gonna smite us, Sodom and Gomorrah all over again!” lol

  1. I’m glad you are supporting the families you know. It sounds like they are quite successful. Just to answer one of your questions, marriage offers many important legal benefits including immigration rights and healthcare benefits. In many places and companies if an unmarried partner can’t work, or is staying home with the kids, they have no health insurance. Unmarried partners also pay much higher death benefits and don’t have legal protections in court.

    1. I know that I am ignorant about much of the Gay rights issues and maybe shouldn’t have been as crass about the whole thing.
      But, I do appreciate that they ARE PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS.
      I appreciate the comment, I really do.
      I am learning more and more about the whole thing.
      I don’t think it will ever happen, because people, as a majority, won’t let it.
      It is sad, but true.
      We are such a hypocritical lot….The majority.

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