Take The Money And Run!

I don’t wanna get out of bed.

You can’t make me….20131025_085810

But, I have something to bitch about again.

The need to pay my taxes drives me.

I have to do it, you see.

It’s like a drug.

If I don’t pay my taxes for a bit I become nervous, always looking over my shoulder for apparitions that I know are there, following me, but they seem to stay just outside the edges of my vision, lurking….waiting.

I have admitted to myself and others that I am dependant on the dependant.

I HAVE to support these people.

They NEED me.

The entire masses of welfare scammers depend on me to sustain their quality of life, to keep them in the comfort and lifestyle that they are accustomed too.

I am not jealous of them, nor am I bitter of the fact that these dregs of society are smarter than me.

I could never think up ways to manipulate and exploit the welfare loop holes that they do.

You have to admire their tenacity and dedication.

How do they figure this crap out!?

I don’t have time to sit and contemplate the intricacies of the tax codes and welfare guidelines.

I have to work, eat and cheat on my taxes….just a little.

I may not eat as well as the welfare people or the tax looping elite, but I find it easier to swallow my food without the side dish of shame.

I know that there are people that really need the assistance of welfare.

There are good people on the streets, homeless, that lost the job they had for 20 years and their homes, over no fault of their own, or maybe just poor money management, and end up digging thru the dumpsters for food, clothes or something to sell.

I’ve witnessed fathers and mothers standing in a dumpster, weeping, too proud to ask for charity or help.

It will tear your heart out.

The suckers of government tit depend on me to pay my taxes on time and with maximum amounts.

It is the “parents” in the slums or projects with 7+ different daddy babies, the illegal alien bus tickets to a town near you, the crack heads lying in the gutters that I am particularly concerned with.

If I don’t feed them, who will?

I can’t just abandon them.

Who will pay for their Direct TV, I-Phones, cigarettes, dope and liquor?money

It’s not my place to question why a welfare recipient has an I-Phone that I can’t afford…

It’s not my place to question why a welfare recipient has a Chevy Tahoe that I can’t afford…

It’s not my place to question why a welfare recipient has name-brand groceries that I can’t afford…

It’s not my place to question why a welfare recipient is allotted over $1000 a month in food stamps, but drives up to the grocery store in an Escalade wearing $200 Nike shoes and sporting apparel of their favorite NFL/MLB/NBA teams.

I know that there are good people that need my ‘evenly distributed’ welfare contributions.

The thing is that these ‘good people’ get off of the welfare tit eventually, find their way back to the tax-paying herd and return to paying their share and supporting their dependant brethren.

They too, have problems chewing and swallowing the shame.

Shame is a bitter dish and has no sustenance.

But they get fat on it….

I’m not saying that being on welfare is shameful, not in the ‘good people’ cases, but trust me when I say that they still taste it in the back of their affordable generic food stained mouths.

I have tasted the bitter fruit myself, long ago, and it tastes like shit.

I just bought breakfast for $10.

I remember when I had to scrape up .25 to buy a package of ramen noodles, fill an empty bottle I dug from a trash can, wash it out and re-fill it at the library, put the noodles in the bottle, place the mixture in the sun and wait….

Bon appetite!

I have never had to receive welfare.

Not because I am brilliant and not because I am diligent in my financial planning.

I have a sparse amount of money saved, like so many others.

I live paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth.download

It’s more to do with luck, really.

You cannot plan for everything…I know this….

YOU, know this.

Anything can happen at any time.

All a person can do is the best that they can do.


It is the people that exploit the system, that feel that the rest of us OWE them something that drives me insane.

There are still people living in FEMA homes in New Orleans, “displaced Katrina victims”, 10+ years after the event, living in these ‘government subsidized’ homes, that say they can’t find any work to be able to afford to move out.


…and that’s only in New Orleans.

There are many, many more places this is still happening.

I drive my truck across our country and I see waste….tremendous amounts of waste.

Empty FEMA trailers
Empty FEMA trailers

The crazy part is that the FEMA homes are nicer than the ones these leeches lived in before Katrina!

They’ve never had it so good.

And therein is where the problem lays…the heart of it.

No, it’s not a black person thing, a white person thing, a Mexican person thing or a Cajun person thing.

It’s a social thing.


I know….

I’m an insensitive asshole.

Let me tell you something though.

I am no better than you.

I am not saying that I know better than you do.

I am telling you this:

I would dig ditches, I would work at Burger King, I would shovel shit, and I would do ANYTHING, to avoid being dependant on anyone else, regardless of the circumstances!


Hell yes….

You hear ‘them’ say:

“I don’t want to work at Burger King!”

“I know that I have never done this job before, but I ain’t gonna start at an entry level position!”

“I want the big money now!”

“I’ll just keep drawing my check every month! I get more money that way than if I got a job”

Our government enables them.

Our government encourages them.

Our government needs the poverty stricken to inspire the ill intentioned nouveau riche…

Poverty inspires desperation and crime.

Desperation supports legislation.

Legislation supports the wealthy.

The wealthy supports the working class, to an extent.

If a person works hard, makes the sacrifices and becomes wealthy, what’s the problem?

I would love to be wealthy!

But, I am not.

I am only self-sustaining…

I can buy food, I have a home, I have a nymphomaniac wife and I have a job.

What else can a man ask for?

Bottom line:

It is the manipulators, the shameless, the exploiters of the innocent, and the loop-holers that irk me!

Why can’t I receive welfare!?images (1)

Why can’t I get money and food for nothing!?

Why can’t I get free tuition for college or a government loan to start a business because I am a citizen of another country?!

Why can’t I come up with an ingenious plan to FUCK Uncle Sam!?

Hey…..I guess if they’re just giving it away, a person might as well grab it, right?!

It’s because I am not built that way, that I can’t do it.

I like working hard.

I like making my own way.

I would go bat-shit if I had to depend on other people.

I would not resort to crime if I was desperate.

A person can always find other alternatives, there’s always a way out!

I hope and pray to God that I will never find myself in the predicament that I once was.

Yes, it was hard times, it sucked ass and I thought I would never get back on my feet.

But, I did.

And not once, did I draw welfare, use other government assistance nor knock someone in the head for their money.

I dug thru dumpsters for food. I slept in abandoned cars and boats. I slept in dumpsters and abandoned buildings.

I did not beg, I did not scam and I did not steal.

images (2)I donated plasma twice a week.

I worked thru independent or church related temporary employment services.

I worked at the occasional homeless shelters to get my dinner.

I walked the sidewalks and rode buses for hours and hours to pass the time, month after month.

But, I got out of it.

I did it myself.

I worked my way out of a situation I never saw coming.

How can people live off of welfare and hand-outs for years and years, never wanting to be any better off or change their lot in life?

“It’s too hard”

“It’ll take forever!”


People do it all the time.

I will continue to pay my taxes for the good people.

I will continue to pay my taxes for the people that have no other choice, that only need a chance.

I will continue to pay my taxes to a government that will throw me in prison if I don’t, because they need the control over the masses of welfare bottom-feeders.

Shame on the people that exploit their neighbors….

Shame on the manipulators….

It's coming...
It’s coming…

Some people go thru bad times, well…most of us do at one time or another.

Sometimes it is from circumstances outside of their control.

Sometimes it is from unpreparedness or lack of fore-sight.

Sometimes it’s because they had no idea that this kind of thing could happen to them and they become over-whelmed…

It only happens to other people.

Shit happens.


The ‘people’, and I use that term loosely, that take advantage of the misery of others to profit…



In these cases, I am a Christian that believes in, and hopes, that Karma is true.

I am a Jew that hopes Christ meant what he said and can carry it out and punish the transgressors…

I am a Buddhist that hopes you get your ass handed to you someday.

download (1)I hope that you find yourself in the gutter next to a homeless person one day and have to ask THEM for some money.

Profligates of thy brethrens plight and misery!

Oh ye enablers of poverty and destitution…

Thine art a cursed people, high in your house, bejeweled in fine linens and gems…prideful in your riches and power!

Gluttonous of the government tit, suck no more….

Leave some for the rest of us, when we really need it.

I pay my taxes, I give to charities, for the good programs and needy people, be it citizen or foreign born.

I am not building a foundation for a mansion in heaven.

I am not stocking my Karma wagon against sorrowful times.

I am hoping that my taxes and contributions, what little I can do, might just help a person or family get their head above water again.

So, governmental masters, put my money to its intended purpose and do some good.

Charitable donation skimmers leave the money alone and let it help others as it is intended.

Oh, sinful nation….

I will be buried with my chin up and my conscience clear….

You criminals of charity and exploiters of men will close your eyes for the last time, hoping that hell isn’t real….

Just for that one last second, the doubt will pass thru your mind….

What if it is…? What if hell is real??imagesmmmm

Forever is a long time to burn.





The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.



“We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.”

Ronald Reagan


Friendship is also about liking a person for their failings, their weakness. It’s also about mutual help, not about exploitation.

Paul Theroux

7 thoughts on “Take The Money And Run!”

  1. Good post. The sense of “entitlement” has been sweeping across the borders of society for some time now. I’ve seen it in children of wealthy homes, students who believe they just have to show up, do minimal work, and receive an “A” grade. So do the parents.
    When I see a homeless person on the street, I usually give them what money I can spare (and that is not very much since I lost my job last year). Sometimes, I buy them lunch. I give to legitimate charities when I can. Yes, I think I owe them, especially Veterans, something. When I was poor, but not homeless, I took any job I could get to keep my daughter and me alive and eating. Perhaps, that is a generation viewpoint.
    Onward and upward!

  2. I hear what you are saying here, but I also want you to understand your taxes go for more of the self-entitled 1%. Yes, there is welfare scammers, but as a person on welfare right now, I can tell you it is not that easy to scam unless you do the kid thing (having multiples to keep on the tit). I get food stamps and Medicaid, and it took me 7 years of unemployment and the Affordable Health Care Act to get the damn Medicaid finally. I do not get money for living, no cash at all. I know a lot of seniors whom I live in this complex with do not get food subsidies, or get so little ($20 a month) that it makes no difference really. Every once in a while, depending on how involved our management is, we get some food dropped off which is usually spoiled or close to it. These seniors have been taken off the HUD programs simply because the apartment complex does not want to take it anymore. They are not offered funds to help them move or any advancement on the year long wait list. The apartments have been forced to keep them through some Federal Law. As you state, I want off what little I get ASAP, but have to suck it up right now. While I was collecting unemployment I was NOT collecting any other help. I do see a lot of the wealthier people getting richer though, and more people getting poorer, so I don’t think the whole ‘welfare scam’ is as real as it used to be. As to some of the things you might see a poor person using (the phone, truck, etc.): there are programs which help welfare recipients get phones, and they are not the shittiest phones, so they can look for a job and have contact with people; there are programs which helps homeless people get small laptops and have places they can go to get the wifi either free or with a coupon the welfare offers (depending on the state); and there are programs which help a family keep a vehicle they have (one) so they do not have to depend on public transportation, especially those in rural areas. I have learned to not be so judgmental of people I see on the street, or people I watch check out in the store in front of me. I am not sure what their story is, where they got their money, etc. I remember watching a woman and her son (I assume) buy a ton of towels, pillows, sheets, and clothes from Wal-Mart one day, while also purchasing food with food stamps. At first I was jealous, as there has been no way I could buy anything not specifically food for a very long time. I then sat an waited with the young man while his mother walked clear across the huge parking lot to go to a fabric store. While I waited, I heard him discuss when a cab was coming for them, he itemized everything they bought, including the sizes of the clothes, then he even discussed the Guitar Hero game he had in the basket. What I gathered as I sat there was that he and his mom were designated to buy long awaited linens, clothes, and other items for a group home. The game was a special present they had been entrusted to buy with special funds for one of the residents. The groceries were for the mother and her son at their home, not for the group home. So, if I was to have made assumptions, got all pissy and wrote on FB, I would have made an ass of myself totally. Do not assume, and all the grumbling and bitching about welfare recipients seems like a cowardly way to bitch about paying taxes. If you want to really bitch, pay attention to who is getting richer all the time, on your back specifically since you drive all over the place, do a thankless job, and have to pay so much in taxes and fees just to do your job.
    K, don’t ranting. I just get frustrated and a little defensive when I see welfare recipients slammed again and again, while I am sitting here not able to buy a six pack of beer or see a damn movie.

    Peace & Love

    1. You missed my point beloved…
      It is the FRAUDULENT and EXPLOITERS that I have a problem with. Hell, most of the people I know in NE Louisiana are on one program or another.
      I know that you need it to survive. I know lots of people do…That’s why it pisses me off when I see people that are very able to work choose not to because they don’t have to!
      Good gracious woman, I am the last person to judge anyone, one of the few lessons I have learned and experienced in my life…or at least I TRY to remember it.

      1. I do remember what you have said about your life, and did see the comments here and there about those who are on it legitimately, BUT there has been an awful lot of bashing lately, and yours was just the final straw. It seems when anyone gets on the subject of welfare they just get on a roll and it appears aimed at all on welfare. Your rant just appeared to be one of those which was going on about all the fraudulence of welfare and how you were paying for it, instead of trying to contribute some way to help or blame anyone one else for the taxes you pay. They make it pretty damn hard here in Clark County, Nevada, to not work and yet collect welfare of any sort. I am not really sure how people are being so fraudulent anymore. I have read the statistics over the past couple of years and they all point to welfare scamming as being down, not rising. We have our Congressmen to blame for illegals getting help, and for the rise in taxes but no rises in wages. It just gets personal after a while, especially when it is all so negative in nature.
        As far as your judging anyone, you have admitted you judge people unfairly in more than one post of yours. I know it is hard to be a god and all, and judge fairly, I guess therein lies the problem. LOL
        Perhaps I just don’t see the ability to scam the welfare because I have been honest with them from the start: I also do not have the ability to have tons of kids to stay on welfare; I know people who have drug and alcohol issues are not getting welfare like they used to, and they are definitely not getting cash aid; I was also not raised to stay on aid, although it seems I have lived in poverty for all of my life buy 4 friggin’ years. It is like saying White men are this and that, and pointing to a few examples, but after a while, you would start to take it personal and get a bit uppity.

  3. Now, this one got loads off the chest of many, not just you – Trey. I get so angry at welfare cheats especially knowing there are many truly needy people/causes.

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