When Laughter Dies Alone

Robin Williams:


The Man of many faces that stands alone in a crowd and only hears his own heart breaking above the laughter he brought to them.

I wept today for a man I never met.
I laughed at a man I never met.

I understood his humor which is the scary part…

I wept today for a lonely man that was beloved by millions of people.

Did it surprise me, that he took his own life?

Yes… I guess….. because I felt cheated.

No…. It didn’t.

Mad Geniuses always meet a bad end.

I feel anger, betrayal… Bone numbing sadness.

It’s like watching a flower die in a lush garden…

He cheated his wife of future years together.

He cheated his children of a possible great grandpa that is funny as Hell! The kids would have loved him!

He cheated us of him…

We knew he was crazy….

We are positive he was nuts…

We all know, FOR A FACT, that there was something wrong with that dude!

A truly loved defective unit!

I guess I should use certain words in the past tense, now…

Since Robin Williams is dead….

Robin Williams is dead….

I can’t believe it.

I wept for a man I’ve never met.

I’ve only cried for my dad, Dale Earnhardt and John Wayne…

But now….

I know one thing for sure, as the tears start again, mostly from memories and what I’m about to say;

Robin Williams, you made me laugh a helluva lot more than you made me cry.

But I’m also mad.

I’m also sorry that you were so alone, surrounded by a world that loved you.

But suicide, Robin…?

The ultimate selfish act..?

No one is laughing anymore, Robin.

A comedian is supposed to make people laugh and smile…

You made us cry.

“Have you ever seen, Mork and Mindy?”

“Have you ever seen, Awakenings?”

“Didn’t that guy kill himself?”

I’m sorry Robin… But, I’m mad at you for leaving us here to cope with our lives, with a little less laughter.

Could he hear our laughter over the other voices in his mind?

Did those voices tell him that we were laughing at him instead of with him?

Did our laughter make his head hurt?


Was it deafeningly quiet in his mind?

We need all the laughter we can get Robin…

And now…..

You’re gone.


RIP Robin Williams, I hope the Catholic version of punishment for suicide isn’t true.

Crazy, funny man…

Sad man, evidently…

Later, dude…


9 thoughts on “When Laughter Dies Alone”

  1. Depression is the great killer. It is my belief that suicides are not of clear minds, too involved with all that is wrong. The Catholic thinking is that they are not in their right minds at the time and so are not responsible for their actions. I have known two young men in their twenties who committed suicide out of despair even though they had people to talk to and help. Who knows what goes through their minds at that moment?

  2. I feel sad for him and his family he left behind. I do not have any anger towards him or feel he was selfish. I have no idea what was going on with him, and what he was facing.
    I often feel my life is a waste as I don’t feel I have touched very many people’s lives. He touched millions, and for him to take his own just says to me he had something big which troubled him. He had some sort of demons, or monkeys, which wouldn’t let him alone.
    I am sad for the loss of such a great man, but we have him immortalized on film, so he can continue to make us laugh and cry, and make future generations laugh as well. He gave us an amazing amount which we can always watch. What did we give him?

      1. Not fair! Haven’t you ever suffered depression and wanted it all to go away, thinking you just had nothing left to give anyone? Sure you have, I have read your stuff.
        The point is, you said as have others, you are mad at him or feel betrayed because he took his life away from you. What his family feels is their thing: they have a deeper insight into what he was going through daily and personally, we are not to judge him for leaving his family. Maybe his wife even understands, and is hurt, but feels better now that he isn’t suffering with whatever he was suffering with. We have no clue.
        He made a choice with his life, that is his prerogative, as it is yours daily. I am remembering him for what he gave us, and will not condemn him for his choices.

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