One Bad Apple


I had some thoughts about things….

I wonder what it was like to breathe fresh air.

I wonder what it was like to throw rocks at the moon, then run and hide.

I wonder if the first musical note was a hum or whistle.

I wonder what the world was like before religion.

I wonder if Adam ever really had a choice.

I wonder if Eve did….

I wonder if the Snake was actually the bad guy….

I wonder…

One big conspiracy….

I wonder if Abel knew what was happening when his brother attacked him.

How could he know violence when there was no violence?

How did Cain know how to kill in the first place, is murder really in our nature?

Cain slew his brother because he was jealous of him, bottom line.

What’s the deal, God!?

Why give us free will, when you knew good and well, that we would fuck it up!?

Abel’s sacrifice..

Obviously, God preferred mutton over broccoli….

How would it be to get killed and have NO CONCEPT of death or the “here-after”?

Human… Nature…?

Bad apple?

I wonder what heaven will be like.

I wonder, if when I come to know all things, If I will say “Huh, that figures”, or I’ll be disappointed and expecting more.

I wonder if I can truly wonder at all.

Our world is shaped by men.

Limitless limits….

I wonder what it was like when Adam opened his eyes for the first time, became self aware, then lonely.

Why did he yearn for a help-meet when he was the only person on earth?

How could he have known what loneliness was when he had never known anyone else?

He knew God before there was creation, or so the good book says, was he lonely then?

Or did he just KNOW he was alone, that he needed a friend?

Like knowing right from wrong…?

It’s in our DNA….

I think it goes deeper than the biological explanation.

I believe it’s in our souls, those of us that have one I should say.

C.S Lewis got it right…..not just mere Christanity, but mere mortals….

Did Abel laugh or scream as he died or did he just stare up at his brother, in wonder?

Who created violence?

Why would a God create love and violence?

Why would a God create such a flawed being?

I think there should be a recall….

If God knows all things then why doesn’t he let us in on it?

Or has he?

HOPE, INNOCENCE, FAITH All in this face!
All in this face!

They tell us that God has put the plan in our Bible and probably influenced other religious texts and their interpretations of “His Plan”

Have you read Revelations?

Interpretation is everything.

I don’t know about y’alls divine interpretative skills but I would need a Captain Crunch decoder ring and a drop of LSD to take a shot at figuring out Johns visions…

If people knew the plan, things would go smoother, right?

I think we need a family Council to get our shit together…

I’ll get on my knees, you do your yoga and incense, you bang your gong and you kiss your snake…

We all want the same thing, don’t we?

So many paths…straight and narrow is the way…


Going to the same point, basically, theologically…. Hopefully.

To have PEACE of mind… You need a mind for Peace.

So many minds with free will and free opinions….

A collective conscience with no interests, other than ones individual basic survival, is driven by selfishness.

Agree to disagree = no condemnation.

I wonder if Peace smells like fresh air?

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