You Know Something? Of Course I Don’t…

The biggest battle that I face is the one that I have with myself.wpid-marvin_the_martian1.jpeg

I am no different than any other soul.

Everyone has their own struggles, their own self set limits and/or the lack thereof;

There are over 6 billion of us on this blue marble that seems to be of no great significance in the universe.

There are some however that will tell you that we are the bee’s knees, the big Cahoona, the top dawg or the only one in the neighborhood.

I’m sure that every element or planetoid, star, black hole and cosmic dust particle, plays some type of an intricate part in the great sparkling,
spinning pinwheel that we call our galaxy.

Our home….

They say that the butterflies fluttering wings in Indiana can cause a typhoon in China…….

e.g.; The Butterfly Effect.

Does my breath change worlds?

Do my thoughts keep planetary orbits in sync?

When I cry for mankind, do my tears change anything?

There is no one else out there?

So says the man, that a mere 10,000 years ago, was still making tools from stone.

So says the man, that just a little over a hundred years ago, was afraid to bathe.323

So says the men that hung witches, used leeches, the barber was the dentist, a man died on a cross to save mankind, a UFO crashed in New Mexico and a
big, hairy monster called Sasquatch is roaming the mountains of California.

I’ve seen video….

We can be so full of shit sometimes it actually DOES make my eyes water….be it either from laughter or shame.

We are so hypocritical, so self important, so self absorbed, so convinced of our own importance that our “open minds” don’t realize that there are limits to knowledge, but not to stupidity or pride.

We kill and kill and kill….repress, repress, repress….exploit, exploit, exploit….lie and lie and lie….

How can we explain things that we can’t even see, or haven’t seen yet, or even know what we’re seeing when we freaking see it!!???

We try to interpret cave paintings, hieroglyphics, dinosaur bones or Korean toy assembly instructions….images (4)

We try to get into their minds, what they were thinking at the time they made the cave art or built a pyramid…What they were trying to accomplish by making a stone tool and what it’s purpose was;

What if the caveman, or woman, that made the drawing stepped back to take a look at their handy-work, then turn to the others sitting around the campfire and say “This will blow their fucking minds 10,000 years from now, I wish I could see their faces!” BAHAHAHAHA!! They all laugh; then one of the fire sitters shouts out “Put a turtle on that buffalos head and let them figure that shit out!”

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They laugh their hairy little asses off!

That’s the point…

We have NO IDEA what these people were thinking.

We don’t know why dinosaurs died out….just an “educated” guess.

We don’t know why anything works at all really.

We have an idea, or ideas, i.e.; physics, geology, psychology, paranormal, meta-physically, etc.

Baa Baa Bitches!

We have theories…

We have hypotheses…A scientific or moralistic “best guess…”

We have scientific proofs with results that quantify or support evidence that certain things work in certain ways when applied in a certain, controlled method with firm, agreed upon limits that were set by limited men in the first place….

These world changing discoveries, parameters, limits and “Eureka Bitches!” are set by men that only use 10% of their brainpower according to other learned men that discovered that cranial output and set that down as an agreed upon percentile!

Everything we know on this planet, everything that we abide by, everything that we recognize as REAL, tangible, and socially acceptable, was and is still being discovered and revised to meet social and economic trends of the time.

By mere mortals that are still afraid of the dark….and won’t wash their hands after going stinky doo doo…

Just a quick thought…

Remember when, back when all we had was rotary phones or even touch tone phones? Remember how many phone numbers you could remember?

Now, compare it to the amount of phone numbers you can remember now….

My wife is speed dial 2….

I know my phone number and that is it. I don’t even know my work number, other than it is speed dial 3.

Yep, we are the only intelligent life out here or there.

Beings that can barely see more than ten to twenty miles from a mountain top on a clear, cloudless sky claim that we are it….

There is nothing else…9

I’m not talking about alien life forms…

I am not talking about alien planets…

I am talking about the arrogance and hypocrisy of the people that dwell on this orb…

How irritating are we….I mean, really?



We are the teenagers of the universe. 1

We think we know everything and know nothing, at least with context.

Man, I hate that shit!

If I was like that when I was a teenager, lord, thank you for keeping my parents on the right side of the crime scene tape!

There is nothing worse than having an opinion with no experience to qualify it or support it.

Don’t you hate that about ignorant people that don’t know they’re ignorant…no wait…don’t CARE that they’re ignorant! They’re gonna give their two cents worth whether you like it or not!

I wish I knew more.

I’m not gonna be a hypocrite, I have to physically and mentally make an effort to keep my mouth shut sometimes because I know my opinion and insight
in to any given subject will blow your fucking mind!

Besides, I’m a narcissistic prick and I don’t know any better…

What’s your excuse, or do you have one yet?

There’s lots of ‘em…..just laying around.

Yeah, it's called Forever.
Yeah, it’s called Forever.

Excuses…..The only thing I know that has an infinite shelf life, does not need to be recycled…only tweaked now and again and never wears out….

Lots of different applications too…kinda like egg shell paint…

Do you know why we never get invaded by aliens? Now, I’m talking about aliens….

You know why?

Because we’re not worth invading!


“Invade the earth!?” “Why!?” “What’s the point!?” “You’re not serious!?”

“Let’s just wait until they blow themselves up or run out of food or go thru with that freaking fusion idea they’ve been bandying about for years!”

“Then we’ll go….”

“They’ll all be wiped out! Thank you; “God”….that was a good one you came up with, by the way, that whole “religion and Jesus thingee”…..

”I want to wait until then because listening to a human expound upon his wisdom or “beliefs” is like listening to fingernails drag across a chalk

“I tried that with the freaking Aztecs and those Easter Island assholes, remember that fiasco!? And we see how that shit worked out!”

“Yeah, they can’t finish anything they start unless you hold their hands!”

We don’t know nothin’…

We don’t know a damn thing….

We like being on our high horse, eating our cake and putting on the Ritz…

You can’t tell us a damn thing either!images (5)

You can only explain to us what we can understand, from what we heard someone else say, something we read in a book or saw on TV….

A simple 10% brained human….

When we accept the fact that we are only human and that we are fallible, and that our neighbor is not perfect either, will we make true ….really real progress….

We are spinning our tires in the same old shit that we created in the first place.

There is new shit, old shit, used shit, bullshit and tired shit all thrown in the mix and we STILL can’t get a good enough grip to pull out of it.

Besides all of this, though….

Where does the beauty come from?

Where does the art and music come from?

If we know everything or think we do, how can we still create new things?cropped-10177421_865697956780084_2641514896274692354_n.jpg

Our ability to create, alone, should convince us that we don’t know everything….

Why is a glimmer of hope bright enough to kill shadows?

I’ll think on that tonight….


7 thoughts on “You Know Something? Of Course I Don’t…”

  1. Yup. As soon as we try to nail it down, to label it, we limit it. But we think we are the bees knees ’cause we got this, we know this, and don’t you dare question it!

    I have a question, though. You know, inquiring minds and all that: who’s one speed dial 1?

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