Face My Fear

“Mr. Clarke?”


The desk ladies voice echoed across the small waiting room.

I looked up in the direction of the echo’s source and answered the half head peeking just above the patient window.


“Mr….. Clarke?” the echo repeated.

I put down the 3 year old Ladies Home Journal I had been pretending to read and got to my feet, obeying the subconscious undertone that only nurses have and that exists only in waiting rooms and drivers license places.

“Come here” it said.

The half head grew into a full head as I approached the window.

The head turned into a smiling, pretty, young face with shining eyes.

“Oh shit, she’s stoned” I thought.

“Dr. Pain will see you now” she said.

“Who?” I asked

“Dr. Patel, you are here for Dr. Patel, right?” She clicked the computer, trying to hide the fact that she would be the last person to see me alive.

“Oh…” I said “Yes…Dr. Patel”

She pointed to a door at her right and said with a smile “Right through there and Nancy will be waiting for you to take you back… there(echo) there(echo) there(echo) ”

Nurse Nancy is waiting for me…..eh?

I walked over to the big steel door.

It had monster teeth and red eyes…..

I stopped.

I knew it!
….a crypt door… .with teeth.

That’s why I hate dentists….

They are all servants of the Devil.

Its proven.

Something weird about people that make a living sticking their fingers into strange peoples gobs…

“Password” the door growled, blood and guts dripping from its jagged teeth.

I drew a blank….

“PASSWORD!” it screeched!

I gasped a small squeal…

“I don’t have all day waiting on a pansie ass cry baby thats terrified of a little Hindi dentist….Gimme the damn password!” It hissed.

“Obama Care!” I cried.

I didn’t know what else to say, it just…popped into my head.

“Fuck off!” said the door impatiently.

I thought for a second….and pooped…. Almost.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield!”

“You may enter” said the door of death.

It sounded kinda disappointed.

It crept open and I beheld a long narrow hallway, dripping with blood and guts.

It must have been a mile long, and it was spinning…. With guts in it… again.

I reached out to steady myself.

Then, to my horror, I saw, felt that I had stuck my searching fingers into the blood and guts of a moaning man that was hanging upside down, his teeth all ripped out and his lower jaw missing.

He was laughing…..dead, choking laughs.

“Witches! Witches!” He screamed!

I clamped my other hand over my mouth to stifle my own gagging scream and saw in my escalating terror that a woman in a pink cape was floating down the hallway towards me, her hair flowing out behind her like bat wings, blood and guts dripping and hanging from her arms, reaching out for me….

Reaching for my soul…..!

‘AAIIIEEEE!” I SCREAMED! (On the inside)                                                                         Image

The door behind me clanged shut as I stumbled back, grasping for the crucifix around my neck!

As my fingers grabbed the icon… it bit me!!!!

OMGod and Lynryd Skynrd!!!!




“Mr….Clarke?” inquired the pretty young nurse in pink scrubs with a smiling tooth stitched over one boob pocket.

The boob pocket said that she was the waiting Nurse Nancy.

I blinked….

The hallway of gore was gone…..

The hanging man was gone….

The door only had a food pyramid poster and eye chart thingee on it now.

I couldn’t help myself….

T… F… P… D… .E… uh… .F?

“Mr….Clarke? ” Pink Nancy asked inquiringly.

“Uh…yeah, that’s me…I’m sorry Ms. Nancy, dentists offices freak me out sometimes”


She giggled “That’s okay, you’re not the only dead man.”


”What did you say?” I choked.

She looked at me “You’re not the only one that gets nervous” smiling….treacherous….harlot! 

Taking me by the hand and turning, she began to lead me down the hall.

I almost spit out my tongue when I noticed that there was a blood-shot eyeball staring at me from the back of her head.

I tried to pull my hand free, but she just gripped me a little tighter and turned to me, smiled again “Come on” she giggled “It won’t be bad at all.” The lying slut said.

She turned away from me again, and I saw the red eye wink at me.

We arrived at a big, molding wooden door, strapped by steel bars.

I could hear muffled screams behind it.

“Help meee! For the love of G…’ CHOP!

There were bloody, rootless human teeth and gnawed jawbones for the door knocker.

I must’ve blacked out….

Nancy led me into the chamber…

I blinked…again.

We stepped into a bright, clean, clinical looking room.

“The Doctor will be with you in a moment” she said.

When she walked away from me the bloody eye winked at me again.

I shuddered…

“Get it together man” I whispered.


Clamping my arms around my heaving pre-cardial infarction chest , I tried to relax and calm down, warm up.

I may have even prayed…

It was freaking cold in here….Cold as the grave.

“Jesus Christ man get a grip!” I thought louder.

My legs were starting to defy physics so I sat down in the dentist chair that, of course,  I saw was also covered in blood and guts… again.

Not real, not real….

My hands slid thru the guts, the smell of dead dried blood festering in my nostrils.

My stomach heaved….

I pooped… again…. Almost.

Huge sharp spikes protruded from the seat, patches of human hair spattered across the head rest.

I squinted up at the ceiling above the chair and saw pieces of bone and teeth stuck in the panels of the ceiling.

I blinked….I swallowed.

I clamped my eyes shut and promised God that I would turn my life over to him and eat my vegetables…

God said okay, and I slowly opened my eyes….

The chamber of horrors was gone.

I smelled alcohol and bubble gum.

Dammit… Now, I gotta start going to church…in a couple of weeks.

The door in front of my chair screeched open on gore caked hinges…

Dr. Patel strode in smiling and sat on his little spinning chair next to the chair of woe I lay on, that all dentists must have.

“Well…” he said, grinning down at me.

He looked innocent enough…

Freaking Hindi’s, never can tell what they’re thinking….

“Let’s take a look and see what he got, veddy much please thank you” he said as he clicked the light on above his head.

The blinding light tore thru my eyes like a thousand smoldering ice picks!

I thought I heard someone scream down the hall, the sound of the tortured spirit, long and shrill, hideous cackling followed by what sounded like a chainsaw.

Then, the light above me exploded into blood; the floor and walls engulfed in brimstone and hellfire!!!

Dr. Patel sprang up onto my chest, his clawed feet digging into my titties, RIPPING AND TEARING!

Dr. Patel DDS

He swung a huge scimitar sword around his head, slinging blood and guts all around the room!!!


Laughing and spitting! His perfectly aligned teeth gnashing and clashing!!!


Dr. Pain swung the huge blade down at my howling face, the mad zealot fervor glinting, shining from the one eye in the middle of his forehead; his head covered in flames….

“AAAIIIEEEEEE!” I screamed!

“Mr Clarke….?”

I blinked…..

The desk ladies voice echoed across the small waiting room.

I looked up in the direction of the echo’s source and answered the half head peeking just above the patient window.

“Yes?” I blinked again….

“Mr….. Clarke?” the echo repeated.

The other people in the waiting room all gave me that “You’re being called” look that you always get in a waiting room or Social Security place.

I put down the 3 year old Ladies Home Journal I had been pretending to read and got to my feet.

“Dr. Patel will see you now”


“Thank you” I said.

4 thoughts on “Face My Fear”

  1. Ok…awesome post! I loved how you ended where you started, BUT showed us that your Dr. Patel is a nice looking Indian guy 😛 Also, great imagination and description..I could see it, but as not in a dentist office now…did not (thankfully) crap my pants. Haha

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