Where Are The Rainbows?

Dear God,

I just want to thank you for all of the trials and triumphs in my life, but…

I don’t mean any disrespect and I don’t presume that I, or anyone else, know what your plan is for us down here and what the ultimate outcome will be, but…

I know that we have the bible and we have been influenced by great teachers inspired by you and yours, but….

I am humbly requesting that you let me take over the management of the world for a bit.

Before you get mad, let me explain;

Let’s pretend as if though I know what I’m talking about and that you don’t know what I’m going to say beforehand.

It’s hard writing a letter to you since you’re God and all….

But you already knew that, don’t you?

I’m going to try anyways…

I think that you have gotten frustrated, and the job of overseeing us humans has become un-fulfilling and tedious for you.

Now, mind you; I don’t blame you….

I give you major kudos at the infinitesimal patience you have shown, so far….. That you have put up with us this long blows my mind

I don’t see how you continue to do it, or why you’re even willing to be; I would have given up a long time ago.


The reason I want to oversee things for a while is because I think you need a break.

It’s a fact that when you have problems making a project work right or having a tough time figuring out why it isn’t working right, you need to let someone else take a look at it.

You know what they say about a fresh set of eyes….

I also believe that you may have given us a little too much free will.


I really don’t believe that it has turned out like you thought it would.

No disrespect, but when Adam and Eve ate the apple you should have done what you said in the first place and let them die.

You could have just started over again, not including the tree of life or the tree of knowledge in the garden, thus removing the one thing that has plagued us ever since; temptation.

I think you love us too much.

I understand, of course, because we are your children, your creation….your hopes.

You should have never changed your mind about the apple eating penalty, though.

Also, the whole flood thing…

You found favor in one man and let him live thru it…

You left a small piece of cancer; and it spread…again.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong….

No sooner than Noah was out of the ark and on dry land, he got sloppy drunk; slept in the buff where you and every one that was left on the earth could see him and ended up cursing his son’s son and thus created slavery and subjugation….on his own family!

Did you see that one coming?download (3)

I don’t blame Noah for getting drunk after what he went thru. I would have started getting hammered as soon as I realized that you had even spoke to me much less told me to build a big boat and fill it with animals.

He was only human, after all.

Is that our only excuse, that we are only human?

Hey, I’m not perfect! I use that excuse all the time!

It’s probably the only justification that actually makes me feel better about my short-comings and diverts complete responsibility for my actions to you or others.

Another gift from you, I guess.


That’s twice that you had a chance to truly start over, and your love for us got in the way again and clouded your judgment.

Let me just say this in all honesty….

I am glad that I am alive and have seen what I’ve seen.

This is a truly a beautiful world that you built for us.

I am thankful.images (40)

But, I am only human and we seem to have a problem with being grateful.

Oh, I try to be grateful; but I KNOW that you let us run rampant; so I do not fear you because I also KNOW that you love me too much and give me the opportunity to repent and ask forgiveness.

Another gift well intentioned, but with too much abuse of your leniency on our end.

We don’t really care if you hear us or not, we just go thru the motions for forms sake….

Like it says in the book….

We act like what you say means anything….

So, let me take over for you.

I will be life and I will be death.

I will be the destroyer of worlds and the protector of meek and mild.

And I will do it in one day….for you.PF_The_Knight_25102013092415571

I will avenge innocent blood that screams from the dust.

I will not forgive the man that cries “I am only human!”

I will punish the man that kills a flower.

I will wield the sword of judgment and man will tremble.

I will enforce your laws, hell; there’s only ten….how hard should it be?

I will destroy vice and perversion.

I will take away the covenant and promise of rainbows.

Give me one day…and I’ll fix it for you.

Let me be the one to help you realize your dreams for mankind.

Your intentions were noble and hopeful; no doubt….it’s in the book.

We blew it, because you love us too much.

You let us get away with murder.download (35)

It will take about an hour for mankind to know that something is different, that you are being serious and have reached your limit of patience.

They will know that you are God, for real.

Yes, they will blame you for being too cruel; well, only the terrible people will.

But, don’t sweat it….

When the good people see what is happening, they will rejoice!

The bad men will not; and they will curse you for the injustice of it all….

I’ll have them in hell in no time anyways, so piss on them.

You just tell them that I did it.

Hell, don’t tell them anything.

They’ve never taken you seriously anyhow.

Oh….but they will.images (70)

I don’t give a crap if they like it or not….

They are only human, after all; and therein lay the problem.


We humans allow it to happen…

We humans make it happen…

No more rainbows for us….

We think rainbows are only made of rain and light….

The intelligence and greatness of man!

We have not forgotten the word, we just ignore the meanings.

I am thankful and truly grateful that you have been so patient with us or me at least…download (22)

I guess I should be completely honest, because you know my heart and what I’m thinking; so, I won’t lie to you….

I want to take over cleaning up our world because I don’t want to see your patience run out.

I don’t want to see how angry you can get…

I mean, I’ve read about it, but….

If I do it, some of us might just make it…..this time….again.

Next time will be the last time, I fear.

I believe that when you snap this time, that’ll be that; and heaven will not be an option.

Why…?download (21)

Because, we are all guilty….

All of us.

We let it happen…


Love from your biggest supporter and let me know what you think,


P.S thx and Good Luck.

2 thoughts on “Where Are The Rainbows?”

  1. Gee. He needs luck, too? Aren’t you Superhero enough for him to save Him from His ways? =)

    “Just bare with me as if though I know what”
    In case you want to fix that “bare”. (Please edit this part out of comment.)

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