Nearer To Thee

Do not fret, oh man….wpid-Vampires-Kiss-by-Boris-Vallejo-Enchanged-Arts-one-eighth-scale-resin-kit-sculpted-by-Steven-West-painted-by-Alex-Castro2.jpeg

Nor fear me.

I am here.

I have heard your pleas

Your desire for me is palpable

Oh, sweet savor of hell….

I cannot ignore your prayers

Your blood lust for your brethren, your enemy….is of the finest vintage.

The vines have been nurtured, pruned and fed fresh skin;

The finest of fertilizer; bone and flesh.

Fertile, fresh soil plowed in neat rows by shrapnel and tread….

I am the only creation of mankind that has remained…..and prospered.


I am millennia….

I….am CAIN

I invented Death.

Vengeance is of the Lord, you may have read…

I……am “OF” the Lord

I am War.

I am Death.

I am you….

I am the planter of pain, the reaper of souls; both innocent and vile.downloadcain

You all taste the same to me.

My calling is not exacting justice or maintaining the balances.

I am the harvester of all men, women and children.

I am the slayer of peace and the greatest fan of human apathy.

You are not human anymore; you are sheep to me.

I do not collect the souls, I only remove them.

I am the best at what I do…

You, mankind; really know nothing of Death…

I know…..

My God, my God…..

I know, Death…..

imagesI was there when man was young and beautiful.

I….miss that, sometimes.

You disgust me.

Your fall from grace made me weep…once.


I only shed tears of laughter and bile….

God does not talk to me, he doesn’t have to;

I know what must be done….

It is against his nature to punish you.

I….am the nature of man.

Your Lord is long suffering and patient…

I too, am patient.

You too, will continue to suffer.

You have no idea how you will suffer….

The Lord has grown soft where you are concerned.

He has lost the will and necessity for punishment; he is weary of you.

So am I, but I am not encumbered by love for man…

I….am punishment.

I… retribution.

I….am hatred.

Blood of man…..

I crave it….I need it….


I need you to kill your brother…..

I command you to slay your kith and kin

I eat the hate and bias that blooms in man…

Sweet, sweet savor of hell….


Your many religions….

You people make me laugh….

It is only the catalyst for mayhem, false hope and screams of woe

It is only a reason, an excuse….a justification for wanton slaughter and reign.

In God’s name…?

You people make me sick…..

Why would one God have many faiths?

I will show you the one true God.

The only God that you choose to worship, is not; the one true God.

I am your God

I know what you desire.

Your thirst for blood, your fucked up concept of what is right; what is wrong, what is acceptable, what is needed, what is just….


I love you…

You love me.

I despise you….

I am the lover whose touch you yearn for…

Your skin tingles at the thought of me.

I quicken your pulse…

I will stop your pulse with my blade.

I will fall among you and show you; your one true God

The one, true God has turned his face from you.

He will not look upon thy face.

I will look deep into your eyes.

I….love you.


I know what you want

I know what you need.

I am coming for you all.

Be patient

I will not fail you….

You can count on me, as I KNOW; that I can count on you….


Lead the sheep to slaughter?


I will follow you there…

You know the way.

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

That is what your savior said…index302

Yes….I remember your “love” for him…

I am not your savior.

I am WAR….

I will set you free….

Every last one of you….

Go ahead………Pray to your God and ask for forgiveness.

My advice…?
Don’t waste the breath.
You may need it….soon.



Oh, by the way…..

Don’t blame the Lord.

Trust me…..

This has nothing to do with him.

This is between you and me….





I… War.

I….am the slayer of brethren.

I….am Cain.

I….am the nature of Man.

I….am your (10)

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