Being In Love

Falling in Love


I can’t tell if you love me or fear me….

Why do you tremble so, when I touch you?

Why must you close your eyes when I kiss you?

Can you not bear to look at me?

Are you ashamed of me?

Why do you touch me when I am near to thee?

My arm, my hand…. My face.. .

Am I an apparition?

Has the passion for thine unworthy soul-mate rendered me surreal?

Is love and fear, lovers?

Why must one come with the other?

Hand in hand lay these treacherous bedfellows….

“I love ye, yet I fear that I will lose thee”

I too, tremble under your gaze.

I also, shudder at thy touch.

I truly, fear… That it will not last forever.

Alas, I cannot see forever, only wish and hope that it is so….

Why do you weep when I make you laugh?


I fear you because I may fail you…

I am only a man, but love has made me more than a man…. And I tremble.

My love for thee is painful.

I live in fear of you.

How can I love you as much as you deserve when heaven is only…. Heaven.

Is love for time and all eternity?

They must be, for I see no end….

My heart has made me blind.

How can I give you everything when I am but a poor man?

All I have of any value is my soul…

It is yours….

I can give you dreams….

All in this face!

How can I master your fear of me when I love you?

I will destroy the fear.

Come to me my love…

I will hold thee, tighter.

I will kiss your lips.

Our lips will tremble, together.

Oh, sweet….agony…

I will whisper butterflies about love and worship in your ear…

My breath, hot against your pulse.

I will tell you that I love you and not to fear.


I will tell you that I want you….

We will conquer our fear within an embrace.

“And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh”

Our skin is one skin…

Molten honey….. Quicksand.

Why do you cry, beautiful woman?

No my love; You make me laugh!

You could never love me too much…

I drink of thy nectar, love.

That is a cup that will never fill…

Yes, I still tremble as I hold you in my arms.

We are both scared….

But, you are my shield and I am yours.


“Do not fear… ”

“…..I love you” sighs my lover.

I fear that my heart must break…

I fear….


Kiss me again, or I will die!

Kiss me my love, and live forever.

If we die in each other’s arms, how will we know?

Heaven holds no surprises, for us.

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