Me And Jesus 2: A Conversation

T: My faith is weak, my hope is dwindling.wpid-adversity.jpeg

J: You must have faith…

T: Why?

J: Because.

T: That’s not an answer.

J: It’s important to have faith, as a matter of fact it’s the most important thing to have.

T: I think hope is but I’ll grant you that; but would you say it’s necessary?

J: Oh yeah.

T: But what’s the difference between hope and faith, ain’t they the same?

J: Hope is longing, faith is knowing.

T: Oh, you’re good….but, which is more important, I mean; in your experience?

J: Well, there is always more hope than faith, I know that much.

T: How do you suppose?

J: Hope takes little effort and people are lazy.

T: I see what you’re saying. I hear people say “I hope” a lot more than I ever hear “I have faith in or that…”

J: Have you ever noticed how sturdy hope is and how fragile faith is?

T: I guess…

J: Here’s an example; “I hope that my kids will have a good life” or “I have faith that they will”

T: Yeah, I see…I hope they do, but I don’t know…too much can happen; only time will tell.

J: You’re getting warmer.

T: How do you mean?

J: From my experience, as you said, hope is timeless and faith could go either way. It can strengthen or fade with time.

T: Explain…

J: Children are born with faith, older people grow out of it, or think they know better. It seems like the older they get the easier they brush faith aside as unrealistic.

T: Tiz true, I’ve got a better comparison for ya….

J: Let me hear it.

254T: This is hope; if something they hope for doesn’t exactly pan out, they say “Well I hope it doesn’t get any worse” or “I hope things change” but, when they have faith and it doesn’t work out they just say “Shit…I knew it”

J: You’re right. I catch myself doing that….

T: Check this out; hope is trying to hold water in your hands, faith is a cup of water.

J: You’re good….but this is what gets me; people have infinite patience with hope but none with faith. It’s so easy too lose faith, but not hope.

T: This is true, we humans are fickle but, since I’m on a roll, try this on for size….I love this one; “I hope I will have faith”

J: Is that a double positive or a double negative?

T: I don’t know….I was just trying to wax poetic…

J: Double entendre’?

T: Stop it.

J: I was “hoping” you could clarify it…

J & T: Ha Ha Ha

T: Let’s wrap this up; I need to get to work.

J: Here’s a couple of my favorites; “Hope springs eternal, faith without works is dead”

T: You know what? If you break that down, it makes sense….kinda. This is what kills me…You will always have hope; even when there seems to be no hope, there is hope. When there is no faith, there is still hope.

J: Weird, ain’t it?

T: Hope is the bastard child of faith.

J: oooo….I like that.

T: Try this…Can hope exist without faith?imagesroad

J: Yes.

T: Can faith exist without hope?

J: Nope.

T: Man, we could go on and on hashing this out.

J: You know something; what you just said made me think of something else…

T: What’s that?

J: Faith is really kind of simple

T: You lost me…

J: Remember that “mustard seed” parable I told to that one dude whose son had epilepsy?

T: Yeah, I think…

J: Anyways, faith is a tremendous weapon against despair, the only weapon, really.

T: Okay, I’m with you…

J: Hope can only take you so far, faith can take you anywhere.

T: You’re good…

J: Hope can get you over the mountain; faith can move it out of the way.

T: Can I have your autograph?

J & T: Ha Ha Ha

T: Seriously….we both know what state our world is in right now: do you think we’ll see our way through all this crap.

J: I hope so….

T: Have faith, dude.

J: You first….downloadwater

3 thoughts on “Me And Jesus 2: A Conversation”

  1. #2? Shouldn’t you be on about 7 or 8 by now? LOL.
    Such an inspiring way to show that your open and willing to start believing in a ‘Power Greater Than Ourselves’ … He has always been with me through good and bad, but it was I who turned my back on him when I felt not worthy of his love & his path laid before me.

    At that time, I chose addiction over his love. Now I hear and see the Miracles he has done in my life and my recovery. I wouldn’t be writing this to you other wise 🙂
    God Bless My Friend,
    *Cat* XO

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