From The Get Go

These are the top or bottom ten moments that shaped my life:

1) “Santa couldn’t afford a bike this year, so shut up; be glad he brought you anything ”

2) “Don’t get out of bed or the Boogie man will get you”

3) “The tooth fairy forgot, I guess.”

4) “Stay away from them niggers, they’ll steal your little sister and eat your dawg”

5) “You’re stupid as hell, son; you know that?”

6) “You take after your fucking mama; a fucking cull.”

7) “Don’t touch nothing in that damn fridge, you ain’t bought none of that shit”

8) “You say yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am or you’ll get your ass beat ’til you cain’t g*d walk”

9) “I’ll kill that g*d dawg anytime I g*d please; I’ll shoot your ass next you keep runnin’ that fuckin’ head!”

10) “If you tell your folks, I’ll kill your dawg and tell ’em yer a queer”

6 thoughts on “From The Get Go”

    1. Oh, I will. I have to. Here’s one ” You’re much too handsome for the movies” Lol! Here’s an interesting insight; when a child is told and treated as worthless they never really trust praise. It’s so easy to tear down than raise.

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