Who am I, exactly?imagesroad

Why should I care?

Sometimes I wish that I had never learned of God…

Millions of people live full lives and they worship a river or the Sun.

They don’t know about this “God” of whom we speak of and have never seen….

Why can’t I worship a mountain or the moon…?

They’re bigger than me.

I think I’d rather worship nature.

I’d know what to expect then…

When it rains, I get wet.

When the sun shines, I get burned.

When the snow falls, I get cold.

When the earth trembles, I shake…..

When a butterfly lands on my cheek, I stand still.

When a flower blooms, I kneel down and smell it.

When I learned of God, I learned of damnation and sin.

I learned about guilt and forgiveness.

Eternal punishment or everlasting life….

So damned complicated.

So damned…

I will worship nature.wpid-20140601_125109-picsay.jpg

There is no sin in nature.

There is no damnation.

There is no eternal life.

There is only change and rebirth; rejuvenation and growth.

Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer.

Birth, Life and Death….circle circle circle….over and over.

Until it stops….

There is survival but, it’s understood as necessary….crucial.

Not complicated at all.


But you might say…I can hear y’all now…God is love and charity and hope…

I was born with those…

I had to be taught about hate.

I had to unlearn my given nature to survive amongst others trying to survive.

Sometimes I wish that I had never learned of God…

Ignorance would have been bliss…

If you take the stricture of religion away, what do you have?

Common sense….

Spirituality in its purest form.

Right and wrong….


When I am sitting in the middle of a grassy prairie under a blue Kansas sky, the breeze dancing across the golden sea, not a sound but a heart; I feel God.

When I am in the great mountains amongst towering ancient trees where the silence drowns out the world of men; a baby chipmunk scrambles up my leg and stares at me with curiosity; I feel God.

When I am standing in the middle of a rippling, crystal stream in Utah and a glistening, shimmering rainbow trout brushes against my goose-pimpled leg; I feel God.

When I am talking to a person, I am wondering what they are thinking….

Do they like me?

Do they think I’m ugly?

Do they think I’m smart?

What’s in it for them?

What can I get out of it?

Are they nice or not?

Should I believe them, do they believe me?

What do they believe?

When I talk to a person, I do not feel God….I feel wary, uncertain.wpid-the-comedy-and-tragedy-masks-acting-204493_194_178.jpeg

If I touch a thorn I will bleed.

If I touch a person, what will happen?

I know what to expect with nature…..everything.

I don’t know what to expect from man….anything.

I should be comforted at the presence of one of my own…

I shouldn’t shake their hand to see if they are holding a dagger.

I should feel…safe.

I should feel God.

I do not…

I worship a path through the trees by a lake that mirrors the sky, that I can skip a stone across that makes no ripples.

I worship the mother bird that chastises me for waking her babies….

I worship the fallen baby squirrel that I put back into its nest while Mama Squirrel watches.

Don’t tell me thanks Mama squirrel, it’s my job to protect you.DSCF0314

I like it when I do good things….

I feel God.

I worship the rock that has shiny things on it and was here when it all began on that first day….

I worship the rock that has seen God.

Can you imagine?

This rock has actually seen God…

Look at a rock in the palm of your hand and ask it “What is he really like?”

Wow…you don’t say…

I will worship nature.

I will worship the sun.

I will worship the mountains and the sea…

I will worship the sky because God is in the wind….

Therefore, I will breathe…..and live.

We are the children of a garden, and we will reap what we sow…

Worship cool grass beneath your feet…

Worship hot sand between your toes…

Worship the effort and view from on top of the tallest mountain.

Listen to God in the wind.

See God in the sun.

See him for what he is….

Silent by nature.DSCF0303

Disregarded by man.

There is a tempest coming, and God will be in the wind.

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