Never Fear

This is only my opinion, albeit in a clumsy and rambling way.wpid-adversity.jpeg

It’s hard to stay focused on a particular tirade when there is too much feeling in it.

I just get so frustrated sometimes and wanna say so much to my fellow man!

But, I can’t focus on any one thing….

Just bear with me and let me rant.

“Death is just a part of life”

Someone said that to me recently while we were just chatting about stuff.

But as it seems almost inevitable, people that have reached the pinnacle of 50 years of age or are closing in on it always tend to arrive at the subject of their mortality.

This person is one of the most positive people I have known. As a matter of fact, I have known this person most of my life, so I would know.

But when she started talking about her future death, she sounded morose and kinda macabre. I told her as much….

She didn’t understand me.

I find the subject of death …what’s a good word….uncomfortable.

It got me to thinking, though…

I am of the belief; or superstition, that if you open a door to certain things they will come in.

Evil, for example….so to say.

That’s why I don’t watch horror movies, paranormal movies or Devil movies.

My wife knows better than to watch these when I am at home because I will raise, for the lack of a better word….tee total hell!

She loves that crap and that’s why she will burn in hell….

(Sorry, Honey Biscuit)

No, it’s not about, not seeing is not accepting.

Trust me when I say that I also believe that ANYTHING is possible in this world and there is no way that we can explain it or understand things that are NOT of this world.

Death is a part of this world.

Death is inevitable.

Birth is not, unless you believe in reincarnation.

I don’t…but what do I know?

I am only a man.

I know nothing.

I only know what I am supposed to know, limited only by my human mind.

If a soul is lucky enough to be born, to experience the test and trials of a mortal existence, it will die….

“Death is just a part of life” is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

There are tons and tons of opinions and beliefs on this subject throughout the history of man.

This is only my opinion….

How can death be a part of “life”?

They say birth is an event….They say that death is an event.

They say it is a part of and the culmination of, our mortal existence on this terrestrial sphere.

A part of life….?

Death is not a part of life.

Death is not an event.

Death is the undiscovered country.

It’s on the other side of the veil….

It is in mans nature to put reason or purpose to our reality.

We HAVE to be here for a reason.

We HAVE to have a purpose.

There HAS to be an explanation.

We are all a part of God’s plan….


We are not in a plan.

We have no purpose.

There is no reason for it all.

We cannot comprehend the mind of God.

We can’t….

Death is an explanation that we use when someone ceases to be….

Death is an excuse for when people no longer take a part in life.

Death is the only thing that we are good at.

It seems to be the plan; it seems to be our purpose.

I am angry at the world.

I am angry at mankind.

I am angry at God.images (8)

But, I know why he doesn’t listen to us anymore and, I don’t blame him.

The only reason I am angry at God is because he lets it all go on…unabated.

He could stop it but, he can’t bring himself to destroy us again.

So, he’s decided to let us do it to ourselves.

We live and then we die….

What kind of life is that?

Die a good death….

What is a “good” death?

Live a full life, raise fat and happy children, worship God, pay the mortgage on time and help your fellow man…then die with your great grandbabies all around your bedside?

That’s living….not dying.

We die a little each day…

No, we kill ourselves a little each day.

Hate, jealousy, pride, envy, lust…etc., infinitum…..

There is beauty in life.

A flower in the desert.

God doesn’t listen to us anymore, not since Christ was murdered.

From my viewpoint, we are hopeless.

It is sad to admit this, I know….

Death reigns on this earth.dead

It’s the only thing that we’re really, really good at.

Is that our purpose?

If God was running things how can we explain the world?

The God of my understanding and belief would not suffer us to suffer.

The God of my understanding and belief would not allow war….

The God of my understanding and belief is NOT listening any more.

There is no God in our lives.

There is very little life in our lives.

Death is not a part of life.

It has become the way of life….

Think about this; I know it’s a little off subject but, think about it…

How much does it cost to build a battleship?

How much does it cost to build a submarine?

Why do we even need to have these things?

To protect us from our enemies….?

Why do we even have enemies?

This is not God’s plan.

WE…are doing this.

WE have our own plan….

How many people could we feed and house with the money we spend on a single nuclear bomb?

Death is not a part of life.

We are death.

Life is cheap.

Death is expensive and profitable.

And it’s coming….never fear.

You know what the bad part is though…?

The part that really gets me…?

WE…could stop it at anytime.poor

We have so much potential for good, beauty and peace.

God planned it that way…

But, we spit on God and his “plan”.


In what?


In what….mankind?

God, I hope so….

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:  foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” Corinthians

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Albert Pike



I feel much worse now…LOL


6 thoughts on “Never Fear”

  1. Oh god, you sound in a bad place. Do you think there’s some existential crisis pervading WP at the moment? I’m on one too! Fuck! Sorry. Feck! Naw, I was right the first time. It does defy reason, Trey. Shitloads of it defies reason. Little pieces of plankton being swallowed by the whales. Well, I’m climbing out. I’m gonna be Jonah and have a right good rant at God. And when he tells me to mind my own business, I’m gonna tell him it is mine. Damn right it is. We’re here aren’t we?
    Well, are we? Sure we are. We’re entitled to want better for the whole damn mess.
    Just sayin’. 🙂

    1. Do you recall how many times that references are made in the bible of a sheperd, sheep, flocks and such? Well, we are sheep, but our sheperd got switched.
      The real problem with mankind and God…?
      “We just don’t talk anymore”
      It’s just lip service on our side anyways….

    1. I’m with you there.
      Will it be disappointing when we find out that we knew it all along and there are no surprises or that we are proud we were right?
      Or, if there really is a hell…..
      Sometimes I wish I had never heard of God.
      But I have….

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