Great White North


Oh, Canada
I am so sorry that you bleed
I weep for thy fallen son

Oh, Canada
A man killed a man guarding memories of fellow men

Oh, Canada

We wanted you to stay pure as Yukon snow.
We wanted you to stay… You know..

Oh, Canada
A member of the club
Initiated by terror and blood
Shot in the back
No God in a sucker punch.

Oh, Canada
I will sing your song and weep
I will pray for the soldiers kin
I will ask God to intervene on our behalf….

Oh, Canada
Oh, Canada
If by chance that God doesn’t listen
We will live beside you…
We will fight beside you… Oh, Canada.


3 thoughts on “Great White North”

  1. Trey your words are beautiful and your sentiment is heart felt. Thank you. Canada will heal but the scar will remain. We will stand with our brothers and sisters in other countries to rout out evil. And we will weep for our innocence.

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