Random Thoughts Before Bed

How much time have I wasted with hate?writing_letter

Maybe hate is the wrong word now that I think about it.

I just did the quick; “look back thru the years in my head, in a minute or two” thingee and can’t really remember ever hating anything…at least anything tangible or that directly affected me, myself or I.

Of course I have the token ex-wife that I wanted to choke slowly to death, chop up, boil in oil, feed to the pigs, push into traffic, slowly choke to death…wait, sorry….ahlmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ping** Ping** Ping**

But, I never hated her, just wanted to kill her.

I have grown older and wiser and am glad that I never resorted to that level of homicidal mania though.

images6It is much more satisfying to watch her live a long and prosperous life and torment the poor woman for years and years….

See….I can learn.

Wait….I hate tomatoes.

….and inconsiderate people.

Hate the action, not the person.

…bull hockey

Just beat the shit out of them…in my mind

No witnesses….

I am learning about the power of now; the present moment.

I am considering writing about the concept of “tomorrow” but I want to troll the internet first and see what other people have expounded upon the subject.

I also bought an actual book to read; “Philosophy 101”

I’m gonna read about “thinking” and stuff….wpid-ashamed.jpeg

I want…need…to quit worrying about “tomorrow”

Why plan for a tomorrow that is not assured?

Just in case?

Life is a gamble; the cards are marked, the dice are loaded and the house ALWAYS wins….

Did someone say that already?

Oh, I hate coming up with awesome quotes that someone has already quoted…

Things to be grateful for:

  • Now
  • Yesterday; what I’ve learned.
  • Family
  • Location, location, location…
  • Chili dogs
  • Health
  • Job or just something to do
  • Opportunity
  • Teachers
  • Copy and paste
  • 50 years of effort starting to pay off….
  • Now

I wish I could be a hermit in the mountains, but I love people.

I wish I could be a super-hero so I could save the world from itself.

100_0145I wish I was filthy rich so I could give it all away.

I wish I could touch a sick person and heal them….

I wish that I hadn’t just run out of Fig Newtons…

Ha! Just found one that fell on the floor!

See…life is good.

Circumstances are bad, or bad things happen.

It’s how you deal with it I guess; attitude.

I had to get older to learn this concept.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

See? What I know NOW…panic

Not what I will know tomorrow….Now.

First things first…
1) Love
2) Forgive
3) Remember
4) Patience
“The hands that molded my past are older now; less clumsy, more skilled”
“The lips that sealed my fate so many times have began to sing”
“The feet that stumbled thru the years have learned to dance”
“The soul that was lost has emerged into the sun”
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
There is only “Now”…this moment.
Tomorrow does not exist…will not…cannot exist.
There will only be that one moment when it comes.
Don’t miss it.
There is only one true law….
“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”

Why am I always quoting Jesus?downloadjesus2

Don’t waste time with spite and hate….
Decisions that we make, no matter how trivial, affect us for life.
Failures that you make only last until you’ve corrected them.
Last things…
5) Never Judge
6) Remember
7) Patience
8) Forgive
9) Love…

….forever and ever.

“Hate and anger are a poison that you drink and expect the other person to die”

That’s a Buddha….well, I changed it a little bit….No biggie, same diff….

I wish that I had the world’s largest farm so I could feed everyone that was hungry.

No tomatoes…

I wish that I could have a job where I did nothing but help people, without starving myself.

I wish God would let me be the Avenging angel; just…one…day.

I wish I could find all the missing children.

I wish I could find all the missing children.

I wish I could find all the missing children.

Please Lord…PF_Jedi_24102013185033611

Give me the power so I could find all the missing children.

Give me the power to feed the hungry.

Give me the power to heal.


That’s all I ask…

I’d do it NOW if you let me.

Are you listening, God?

I will pray before I go to bed and ask again, for the millionth time.

One’s gotta get thru….

I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wienerrrrr; then everyone would be in love with meEEee….

Did you smile?


See…Now we’re both rich.


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