Have Not…

I would have tasted life
I should have tasted life
I could have tasted life
If life hadn’t got in the way…


I would have made my dreams come true if I could have.

I could have done anything I desired if I would have
I Shoulduh…..

If I coulduh been God, I woulduh done what shoulduh been done… In the first place.

I shoulduh been a greater man if I woulduh tried harder; coulduh caught some breaks….


I shoulduh paid attention in school.
I woulduh been a better student.
I coulduh done great things….

I woulduh
I shoulduh
I coulduh….

I coulduh been a contenduh!
I woulduh been a fahduh!
I shoulduh been a leaduh!


I woulduh done it all if I coulduh…

I shoulduh…

I let it go by.
Not knowing why…
It didn’t seem important at the time.

Now it is, and where is the time?

I shoulduh tried harder if I woulduh known it coulduh been lost forever….


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