I hereby renounce Buddhism!25420

I have murder in my heart.

Oh, Mr Ninja fly….

I can hear you, you dirty puke licking bastard.

You land on me when I least expect it and vaporize like smoke when I prepare to engage you in an appropriate display in force of violence.

But, oh… Mr Ninja fly….

I can look for you for hours

I know you’re here, somewhere…. Watching me, looking for you.

I can’t see you, yet….but I can feel you; you shit eating, roadkill feasting son of a whore!

I will find you…never you fear.

There is no way out of this truck.

It is just you and me, Bucko!downloadflies

Mano e flyo….

You are mine, you buzzing wannabe buzzard asshole!

I just saw you fly past my peripheral vision.

Yes… You’re getting tired, ain’t you slut…..I can tell.

Goood…. I can see you skipping around the lid of my mug, you bacteria reeking maggot fuck monster!

You’re  a dead man, fly….

It’s just a matter of time.

All I need is a second and Death by RuRu will fall upon you with extreme prejudice and ill-will.

The Force is strong with me….images (17)

When I slay you, I hope you go to fly hell and burn forever…

I hope it hurts…

A lot….

Fuck Buddhism, no offense..

The freakin’ fly asshole brought it on himself!

I didn’t start this.!

I didn’t fly in his ear or shit in his Pepsi.!

How can Buddha expect me to just ignore this douche bag?!

images (18)I’m going to kill you, fly.

I’m going to splash your guts and stomp on your mangled corpse.

If I could only find you….

You, you bitch head dookie licking Nazi!

Fee Fi Fo Fum!



UPDATE: 11/10/14     0712 AM



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