Interview with Guest Author: Me

This sounded like fun.

I stole these questions from this guy—–> Dragos Roua

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I keep seeing all of these author interviews on WordPress.

I’m not an author, I am not published….well, I published my own e-Book but it is ranked like, 900,000 or something on Kindle.

I’m just a blogger hack with delusions of my own grandeur.

I get lucky with words sometimes….

First, as is my personality, I will give a smart-ass answer then a serious one; and so goes the typical interview of someone that is full of crap and is hopelessly and irrevocably narcissistic.

What Do You Do For A Living?

Too much.

20131012_150012-picsayI am an over the road truck driver, which means I drive a semi-truck over the lower 48 states, delivering refrigerated and dry goods to your local Walmart Distribution centers and/or most everyone else…..Tyson Foods for example, and M&M Mars.

Who Do You Love?

God, Family and the USA!

No one really….I’m borderline-personality and anti-social and have no empathy or regard for other people’s feelings and needs.

That’s what everyone in my family keeps telling me so it must be true. I saw it on Facebook.

Do You Have Enough Money?

Not possible. In my previous life I was filthy rich, so I know how it feels to be wealthy and omniscient.

I do not feel that way now. But, I do okay. I can still afford Subway during the week and Red Lobster twice a year.

Are You Healthy?

I feel healthy.

But, I have ghost pains and I can’t remember if I went to the bathroom or not this morning.

Oh, I only have 3 prescriptions as of now so, I’m better than most.

Also, none of them are for behavioral menses…..figure that one out.wpid-img_1490823277378.jpeg

Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

I am a legend in my own mind and I think I am quite wonderful.

Yes I am. If God would grant me the power and privilege, I would save the world.

How Old Are You?

The answer changes by the second….


Who Is Your Best Friend?

I do not have a best friend.

All of my friends are acquaintances and most of them are related to me….no, I have no best friends.

I know…y’all think I should have said my wife or my kids (token bullshit)

I don’t trust my wife and my kids don’t speak to me. (Her fault….not theirs)

I….am my best friend, but I don’t trust me either…

I know how I am sometimes….

What’s Your Childhood Dream?

To be a disc jockey.

I worked at my first radio station when I was 14 years old; WBBK [vinyl 45 rpm records and American Top 40]

I had a pretend radio station studio built in my room. I broadcast to an audience of 1.

How Often Do You Laugh?

At myself or others?

I don’t laugh at people because they make me sad.

I laugh at myself because I am sad.

I cry when I am happy.

What Makes You Smile?wpid-20140702_151318.jpg

Babies laughing, puppies, the sky, the mountains, fly-fishing and boobs.

Who Is Your Most Dangerous Enemy?


Where Do You Live?

In a semi-truck; somewhere between California and Virginia….sometimes in Kansas or Texas. Most times in Georgia or Louisiana when I’m not in Vermont or Utah on my way home to South Dakota or Montreal.

Do you think you’re Strong?

I am only a man. I do what is necessary and sometimes what is required.

Yes, I am getting stronger.

What is The Most Important Thing you’ve done So Far?

Being the biological contributor to children that far exceeded any expectations I could ever have imagined.

Let someone else raise them….

What is The Most Stupid Thing you’ve done So Far?

Told my first lie.

Took that first drink of alcohol

Took my first drug

Not seeing what I was doing to the people around me, you know….when they still loved me and thought I was concerned about them…

Ha! Stupid asses!!!

Do You Love Yourself?20140411_134840-picsay

No….wait, only if I can get anything out of it.

What Do You Fear The Most?

Fear itself….

I fear that, if my kids ever forgive me and allow me back into their lives I will do something stupid. It’s happened before….

What Is Your Favorite Word?



When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Editing my post “The Dying Rain” yesterday….

It affects me differently, every time I read it.

What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

Walk thru my grinning kids’ front door and have my grandbabies be glad to see me.

Find out that I have super powers and that God, does indeed, want me to save the world.

What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

Next day, same shit.

Not learn anything new….

Lose myself….

Picture Yourself 5 Years From Now:

Surrounded by family and friends; laughing and enjoying each other’s existence.

Celebrating the demise of Facebook and all it encompasses in human filth and degradation.

Do You Regret Anything?20131012_072546

Don’t get me started or I’ll work myself into a funk and blow my freaking brains out.

What’s the First Thing you do In the Morning?

Pray and thank God for another day and another chance to prove to myself that I am as good a man as I believe myself to be and that everyone that wrote me off as a lost cause can KISS MY ASS!!!!

What Are You Thinking Just Before Going To Bed?

Did I take my medicine…?

Will I wake up?

If I’m really awake when I’m asleep and asleep when I appear to be awake?

Did I poop yet?

What Was the Highest Point you’ve ever been to?

The right point, the only point.

When I am right and they finally realize it…..sweet savor.

If there’s One Thing in Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?

Constantly struggling with the addictive behavior that feeds my self-contempt and inability to forgive myself for anything.

What Are You Proud Of?

My desire to live my life serving the homeless and down-trodden is real.

Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence

“I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener”

“I should have paid more attention”

Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Trey Header

Inconsiderate people

What Is Your No 1 Question To God?

“What were you thinking giving us free will?”

Do You Have Secrets?

Not anymore.

…and of course “If I told you I’d have to kill you”

What Makes You Laugh?

Everything that doesn’t make me cry.

Lightning, near death experiences, haunted houses and fresh lobster

Are You Happy?

I believe so.

I couldn’t really say…

I guess I am…

I’m pretty sure I am.


I’m good.20130927_163919


One thought on “Interview with Guest Author: Me”

  1. Trey and interesting, honest and somewhat humorous account of your personality and life. I understand also BPD as my daughter has it and we are going through one very rough time the last two days.

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