There is NO spoon…

It comes either as a whisper or as a flood.
It drops like a hammer or a dime

It nearly always comes as a relief or an “Oh, shit!”
It comes as ”Are you freaking kidding me?”

It comes as “You’re lying!” with a doubtful tambor
The “Come to Jesus” feeling for the clueless.

You sense something coming because you feel yourself get… aware of a change in the air.

Like feeling a TV turn on in another room but, not hearing it.

You think you might tinkle in your pants because coming to a realization of something is a natural diuretic.

You think your gonna shit your pants but, that only happens AFTER the realization has arrived.

Figurative shitting of the pants is the realization without the mess but, it still stinks.

“OMG” is for realizations that are not life altering and cover all digital personifications of REALIZE.

“You’re shitting me” in a whisper is denial and realization at the same time and throws the spotlight of “dumbass” upon the enlightened party.

A slack jaw, mouth agape, eyes wide but blank, and fingertips to lips is the truest form of physical trauma of realization exposure.

“I realized it too late.”
That is impossible.

Realization only comes to those that suspected that it might but, expected “Just not so soon or so… fucked up”

Have I ever truly been shocked by a realization?
Have you?

I mean, think about it….

“I didn’t realize you were such an asshole.”

Yes, we did. The realization is the depth and breadth of the assholedness.

“I didn’t realize that you were pigeon-toed”

Yes, we did. Its just not very nice to make fun of people that walk funny.

To realize something is when the chickens come to roost, the horse returns to the barn, the cat and the fiddle…

Realization is proof that you considered a fact then gave it little creedance or serious consideration.

Realization is possibility soaked in “EUREKA!!”

Realization is becoming aware of your surroundings. “AHA!”

Realization is understanding what you see, finally. “Hmm, I never noticed that before but… ”

Realization is experience and acceptance of life’s surprises. “Fucking figures”

Realization is having innocence left in your soul to appreciate and still feeling wonder about things. “I can’t believe what an asshole you are, its amazing!”

Realization is coming to the realization the you just realized something that you may or may not have expected would have turned out the way you thought it would or guessed it might…

I have come to the realization that I know nothing about the world I live in.

I have come to the realization that I really don’t know the people I call, family.

I realize that I can still be surprised by the realization of most anything.

The cool part about realizations…?

You never see them coming.
… .or do you?

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