Thanks Giving….

I'm in there somewhere...

I am ungrateful
But I don’t mean to be

Nothing has value anymore
Even honor and life are cheap.

We are so blessed!
We don’t notice…
….our world still needs and bleeds

The Golden Rule is lost in self love
What’s in it for thee…

Take a moment and look
Steal a glance and see
All the great moments in our lives
That passed by unnoticed
So fleet

It is the doom of man that we forget
It is time that will tell
You can’t appreciate the roses
When we don’t take a smell…

Sit and think about what thanks-giving really means.
An instant to admit how ungrateful we’ve been
Thanks for the blessings we have had, no matter how small
Then give them to someone else
Give them all…

Touch my face and love me
Hold my hand when we’re scared
Hug someone tight when they weep
Whisper “There there there…”

Hug them tight and give thanks for love
Hold their hand all the way
Touch someone’s face and say “You know what, it’s okay”

We are ashes and dust
A gleam in dad’s eye
Just being born is a miracle
Think about that…
Make the time.

Dear God or to whom it may concern;
  Thank you for everything you have given me and for what you have taken away.
Thanks for knowing better than letting me always have my way.
Thanks for showing us so much patience, free will and pretty things.
Thanks for it all
Good and bad, Big or small.

I am ungrateful
I don’t mean to be
I actually TRY to give thanks sometimes
If !
….. I recognize the effort
You’ve put into me.

It’s so damn easy to forget to give thanks when our blessings abound.
If you get too much of a good thing, eventually we will expect it, take it for granted…. A given.

It is not Thanks-given….
It is Thanks-Giving….
Not past.
Present and future.
Life…. The gift that keeps giving.
Think about that and be grateful.

Give to another so they will give thanks
Thank someone and give them joy
Try and say Thanks today and think about it…..
Really, really try and think about “thanks”
Then, give it away…

Give thanks…
Give….. Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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