Consider This, Too

If it takes a minute or two to make a decisionimages

That’s too long.

“All things considered…”

Like what?

There is right, there is wrong.

Keep it simple, stupids….

Gray is the mixture between black and white.

For our purposes, good and bad….right and not right.

“All things considered”

Like what?

Gray is the worst color that has ever been invented because it tints indecision and insecurity.

Gray is the way out.

Fog is gray….

Gray is purgatory, so to say.

Gray is where we go when we don’t want to commit ourselves.

“I know the difference between what’s right and wrong, but…”imagesscarecrow

“So, what have you decided?”

“I don’t know, that’s kind of a gray area”

“Gray area?”

“Yeah, I can’t decide if it’s my best course of action.”



“It’s just not that simple”

Think about this;

You know what to do immediately in any situation, don’t you?

“No, there are too many variables”


Hard to tell sometimes….

I believe we add to it when we don’t wanna do it.

That still small voice is actually quite shrill when you listen….

A fog horn in the fog that keeps you off the rocks…images (2)

Think of a decision that you have struggled with lately.

Who caused the struggle with your decision?

Your instinct is not a consideration or a variable, then….

That’s when the trouble starts.

“All things considered”

Was your instinct right, in the first place?

“Go with your gut”

“No! There’s too much involved in this”

Like what…..the gray?


Other people’s feelings?

Consequences or advantages?

We know all these things before a decision is EVER needed in ANY circumstance.download4ft

Yes or no….

We make the gray….

Gray is the color of amendments and clauses to free will and common sense.

“I will take it into consideration”

There is light gray, there is gray….there is dark gray.

It is gray dependant on the level of commitment.

Gray is the color of a cloudy day.

Dark gray is the color of approaching stormsimagesroad.

Light gray is indicative of returning light and the clear blue sky.

No gray can be anything…

It is basic programming in our DNA.

We know before we know.

Instinct, gut feeling, still small voice, vibe = common sense.

Common sense has nothing to do with free will.

Free will is where the gray lives.

You’re doing it to yourself, you know.

I am in the gray quite a bit, I must admit.

We live in a day and age where many things must be considered.

Common sense is prized, but not relevant these days.

There is way too much fog.

Common sense is the way out of the gray fog.

Free will is a privilege we enjoy, not a genetic imprint.

Common sense is in our bones, our minds, our souls….

Free will is not free.77

Rationalize….yeah, right.


Justify….okay, yeah

You’re doing it wrong….

Really, if you think about it, there is no decision necessary in relation to moral or human situations.

You knew before you knew.

A decision is only meant for salt or no salt.

But, you already knew that too…didn’t you?

Decision is the outcome of free will.

The awesome blade of righteousness and love is forged in free will tempered by common sense.

A decision is only about paper or plastic, Chevy or Ford….low fat or the good stuff

Maybe even pain or pleasure;”No honey, those pants look great on you”

Choose the right.

There is always a cost for how much you’re willing to invest.

Common sense comes a lot cheaper.

Seek the light, it’s always been there and will be…..wpid-20140923_204744-picsay.jpg


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