Different Kind Of Love

There is pain in love.
There is love in loss.
There is always pain.
There are scars that constantly itch.

There is love
A different kind of love…
If I had known the cost of love
I’d never have sought it.

If I’d known the world
I’d never have come here.

If I had known that life would take so many different paths.
I’d never would have left the straight one.

If I’d have known the “spice of life” would be so bitter, I’d have spit it out.

A different kind of love…

A love to die for.
Such a silly sentence.
Oh, but love will kill you.
Yes, you will die a little each day.

Love killed Jesus.
Love killed Juliet
Love killed me…

Die a thousand deaths is about love.

I wish…
Oh well, I wish.
I’ve never had a wound that hurt as much as love.
Wounds heal…
Love festers….burns…. Stinks.
I miss it sometimes.

Can I live without love?
Yes, it’s called empty….
It’s called, alone.
It’s called, painful.
I abhor love and the heart that seeks it.

A different kind of love…

The first love.
The purest and sharpest.
The death of expectation.
Growing pains…
The warning sign, un-heeded.
Exquisite pain that we will long for, the rest of our days.
The absolute best kind of cancer…

“Kiss me like that, like you did the first time.”
I will give my soul to meet me before I knew love.
I would warn myself to stay away, to avoid love at all and any costs.
Then, I would see your face.
…and I would want to kiss it.
All over again, despite my warnings.

It’s only a kiss.

What a silly sentence.
A kiss betrayed Christ.
A kiss greets you to life
A kiss bids you adieu…
Poison lips.

“Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!”
“Give me my sin again!” said Romeo O Romeo…

I have a different kind of love.
“Love is a many splintered thing… ”
It is painful to scratch the scars.
But, I like it.

Hardest questions;
What is the meaning of life?
Is love worth the pain?
… Yes.

I wanna know what love was when I first met it.
And punch it in the mouth….

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