In the beginning, there was God

God created Man in his own image and gave him free will

Man and free will created religions

Religions created God’s and free will in their own image.

Free will created the God image of Man

Where is God?

What is free will and it’s cost?

Why, is man?

Man has a choice whether to deny or believe in God.

God believes in man, more than he should.

God has too much faith and hope in man.

God is too forgiving.

God is too patient.

Man is not forgiving.

Man is not patient.

Man is not God but, we think we have that power.

We do not….

Free will was given by God.

Free will, will destroy Man.

That wasn’t the plan, at first.

Why do you think God kept our first parents in a gated garden?

So they couldn’t get out….

Now there is an angel at the gate with a flaming sword….

We can’t return…

Can’t you see it now?

God still strolls thru his beautiful garden, protected from man.

We do not fear, God.

God fears us.

He, that is the I AM, dreads what he has wrought.

The only reason that man still exists is because God won’t admit he was wrong.

He can’t…

That’s his choice….

Ironic, ain’t it?

God’s, will be done…

He left it up to us, to prove him right.

Poor, poor God.


Walk in your lonely garden, Lord.

There’s been a change of plan…

“Man plans, God laughs”

That is not laughter I hear, East of Eden .
God is weeping…..

Trapped, in his empty garden.

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