Mean Trey

I am allergic to snow.

It falls quite frequently in the north.20131209_072759

That’s why I don’t go.

When it freezes, it’s cold.

That’s why I don’t go.

When your nipples get hard and your toes turn blue

When the snot freezes up and your nose clogs up too

When it hurts to look into the wind

And your breath turns into ice

I find nothing entrancing about snow

Now isn’t that nice?20130926_142346

I am sitting here in the southern United States laughing at you.

At you and your snow shovel, heave and toss

At you and the snow blower, with it’s new shiny gloss.

At you as you slip and bust your dumb ass

Walking down your driveway that has turned into glass.


I feel really bad that you are there and I’m here.

I feel I need spf 100 so that I don’t seer…(sp)who cares…I’m hot, you’re not ;P

That’s why I’m posting you a picture of my delicious, piping hot chili….

I want you to think about it while you’re scraping the ice off your car windshield after you’ve dug it out….

“Honey, would you turn the thermostat up a bit, 72 degrees is freaking freezing in this house!”

“Honey, bring in the dog, it’s too hot outside”

Honey, would you pull the curtains to, abit…the sunlight is hitting my laptop screen”

I know….

I’m an asshole.

20130927_163919Wait, there’s more!

Dear Northern Yankee scum,

It’s your own fault that you’re freezing to death and shoveling snow.

You can move anywhere you want to, to escape it.

But, you can’t come where I’m at.

We hang yankees down here…CivilWarMap

You know why the Confederates never invaded the north during the Civil War?


We eat old yankees in Florida….

They come down here to retire and get healthy.

We make grits….

Yankee grits…

Heard from your grandmother lately?

She was delicious.

But, my chili is better.

Keep enjoying your snow.


Bahahahahaha!!! “Honey, I asked you to turn down that damn thermostat!”

It's hot, too...
It’s hot, too….




Maybe I should put some ice in the chili to cool it down a bit….

Oh wait…

I ain’t got no ice!!!


I’m sorry….

15 thoughts on “Mean Trey”

  1. You are so mean…and messed up on your map. For instance, how the hell did Nevada get to be full of Fags? And Nerds in the North East? What about all the Techies in Oregon and California? Communists in Alaska? Dude, when was the last time you were there? There are more Preppers and Military in Alaska than Communists. And as to your view of Florida, it isn’t officially in the South anyway. Wasn’t it Hank Williams Jr. who stated Florida will be taken again by the South? They definitely God Fearing people, but more serial killers. Yeah, I have my own distorted views as well. ‘Vegas is enjoying some seriously awesome weather, we are almost ready for swimming and shorts. So…bite me Mean Trey!

    Luv ya’

      1. Sicko! No wonder ya’ all have to live by the Gulf, you can’t be trusted near a pool. May a gator bite you in your ass, and crawdads pinch you nips.

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