Once Again

Prologue: You CAN cry forever…..

I dreamed a dream and there you were, still in love with me.

I woke up sobbing in regret.
My poor heart…

My poor, poor, pathetic heart

When I woke up, against my own will,  I felt….So lonely ….empty… Missing something….

So, I took my soul out and looked it over.
Just what I thought….
There’s a hole in it, alright.

How long will I be in love with you…?
I don’t know.
I’ll let you know after I die.
I hate you for this.
I still love you…for it

OMG, how I feel right now…..

My heart is breaking because I woke up.


My pillow is wet!
My eyes are wet!
My face is wet!
…… My mouth is dry from calling to you, asking, pleading for you… To forgive me.

Don’t leave me again…
You always leave…
Or, am I waking up too much?

Don’t be angry at me, anymore.

I’m crying right now as I write this, tears on the keyboard, blurry blue screen, knife in my heart.

I’m 50 years old and I’m crying over a dream…!
I’m crying…. for you.

I got to say I’m sorry in this dream.
And I meant it.
Oh man, did I….and how!

You believed me this time.
I saw it in your eyes.

You couldn’t talk in my dream…they never let you talk…
All I need to hear is 3 words…
Just. 3.Words….

Thats not asking too much is it?

So, you wrote it on a piece of dream cardboard.
“I love you, too.”

I love awesome dreams….
Even the crying part is OK.
So long have I loved you…
So long….
OMG….. Would you look at that…
….. Another hole.

I do hate you, sometimes.

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