So Easy Too

I thought about important things.

Important things I take for granted

I wish I didn’t…

Have taken

Have took

Will do again….

No matter how hard I try.

I have taken back cruel words

But the slap still burns.

I have taken back mean thoughts

But the scar in my mind remains

I have taken back a gift

Because I changed your worth

I have taken a step aside for another

When you changed mine…

I have been taken aback by hypocrisy

Though I unwittingly practice it

I have taken my time

When time was of the essence

I have taken my time

When I had none to spare

I have taken my time

When you no longer desired it.

I took liberties

When I wasn’t free too

I took chances

When the odds were against me

I took you for granted

When you were all there was…

I took advantage

When it was too easy

I took way too long

To see what I was doing

I took myself too seriously

One man, one world, BIG universe.

I will take it all for granted

Though I won’t try

It all comes too easily for me

I wallow in the 7 deadly sins

I break a Commandment or two…

Though I don’t try to do it

For granted

For granted

For granted

For granted

For granted

For granted.

I take it for granted but, it’s not even real.
It’s a word that promises hope or dread depending on a moment.

I take now for granted

I take tomorrow for granted

I took yesterday at face value.

It is the doom of Man that we forget.

We forget because we take it all for granted.

“No I don’t”

Yes, you do.

We all do.

Who do I pray to if there is no God?

I take him for granted because he is patient and long suffering.

Did he take us for granted when he made so many of us?

“I have lots to spare.”

I take myself for granted

That’s the worst….

If I can’t count on me then who can I turn to?

Be grateful

Don’t take anything for granted

Life is a miracle.

I’ve seen it.

I breathe
I blink
I sweat
I love
I forget….

I wish I valued everything.
Other than myself.
Though I don’t try to…

3 thoughts on “So Easy Too”

    1. Thanx. I liked the subject. I have to remind myself daily of how fortunate and lucky I’ve been! Lol! I hate hypocrisy but catch myself being one. But, at least I’m aware I’m being a Poo Poo head.

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