Vaya con Dios, Mrs. Lady

The lady that shared the ICU with me my first night and was my unfortunate next door neighbor on the Ward, passed away this morning.

At the moment she went beyond the veil I was standing in the hall with my IV tree while they cleaned my room when one of her family began to scream.

I don’t know why but, I found myself crying at my unknown friends passing.

You see, I heard her struggling for breath all night.

People that want to die don’t try so hard to live.

Until their family gets tired of coming to the hospital, that is.

It’s just so hard having to go there everyday.

So hard to see them…..suffer.

Somebody should do something.

Maybe I shouldn’t sound bitter towards her family.

I don’t know them and I don’t know anything of their feelings or heart.

The way her daughter screamed….I guess there is more than I know.

But, last night, again, I overheard them talking about “stopping” the machines, “Mama’s had enough”

I thought “Tell HER that, she sure does fight like she wants to stay a bit longer”

Hell, you can never tell, they might find a cure for everything tomorrow.

Jesus might actually show up….

Then, pain won’t matter….will it?  

Have you ran into anyone you know, yet?

….up there?

Does Jesus seem nice…?

I’m sure he is.

Oh…… Tell him we’re still waiting.

Goodbye, Mrs. Lady

I hope heaven is pretty.

Vaya con Dios

7 thoughts on “Vaya con Dios, Mrs. Lady”

      1. That a woman of our circle , just 49, left us last Thursday morning, peacefuly with her body ravaged with a diagnosed cancer of the mastesized lung cancer after being diagnosed only 4 months ago, this was almost surreal to see written today.

      2. It seems like once they’re diagnosed with something bad, they worry themselves to death quicker. Or, get worried TO death…

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