Two Camps1: Corporal Punishment

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

I’m trying a new approach for writing ideas to help make me more interesting instead of mostly (4)

To blog is to have an opinion….that’s my newest quote.

Shut up….I’m trying.

This is a post from my Facebook account that got me to thinking and inspired my “Two Camps” idea.

It’s from my niece, we’ll call her Smash, that is having a problem with her two year old niece that is beating the crap out of her 5 year daughter and she doesn’t know exactly what to do.

I know what Smash WANTS to do because I’ve known her ever since she still wore diapers and said “goo goo” all the time.

Smash wants to smash the puny human….

But, most states frown on murder….

I think it should be allowed in cases where the poor parents flip their shit when kids don’t listen to simple verbal comands like “OMG! I’m gonna beat you like a red headed step child!” or “When your dad gets home I hope he brings me a new kid!” or they continue to abuse one another after repeated requests and trips to the “time out” corner

But, thats just me….

Here’s Smash’s post and plea for help:

“I’d like to know people’s opinions on this. My 2 year old niece has been going to therapy for some aggressive behavior. Today the therapist tells us NOT to let Ada hit back when my niece hits her. There is only a 10 pound difference between the two. Ada has never left a mark when she hits back. My niece on the other hand almost always draws blood when she goes after Ada. We’ve always told Ada to defend herself! We never hit first! It took us months to get her to fight back. We don’t feel what the therapist said to do is right. Opinions??”

First off…

Camp One:

Theraphy?! THERAPHY!!??

She’s freaking two years old! She doesn’t even know how to wipe her own butt on purpose and I bet she probably can’t even cook Ramen noodles, and ANYBODY can do that. (Except for my step kid Lacy. She knows how to cook them but once she takes 2 bites she has an allergic reaction and forgets how to eat the rest and wash the bowl out.)

Therapist: “So…Katy…..How does it make you feel?”

Katy: “Mommy…I want some candy…goo goo doo doo”

See what I’m saying here? She’s freaking 2 years old, what in the HELL can theraphy do that a big stick or blunt instrument can’t teach her!?

Camp One says Beat the hell out of her!

Spare the rod and all that mess…

Do it before she gets old enough to dial 911 or call child protective services….

Go old school on her 2 year old abusive tail!

I’d beat her like a dog that keeps getting in the trash.

I’d beat her like a cheap drum set.

I’d beat her like a……biblical prophet.wpid-20150218_133533.jpg

But that’s just Camp One’s crazy asses…..

They’re old….and vindictive.

Camp Two says;

I don’t know what to do…

Tell her “No No”?

Give her a time out?

Smack her hands?

Take into consideration that she’s two years old and will eventually, hopefully grow out of it?

Wait for 5 year old Ada to clean Katys clock and let them settle it min-woman to mini-woman?

Don’t give her any food or water until she stops?


I just asked everyone in my house, and I’m talking ages ranging from 15 to 50 years old and not all southerners either…

Everyone says “Spank her little butt good enough to where she’ll remember it”

I don’t spank kids….never really have. I’m more of a yeller and threatener type person.

My technique is to use my height and bulk to loom over them, blocking the sun and cutting off any line of escape…then I point at them and say “I’m gonna tell”

….that’ll teach ’em…

Teaching children right from wrong is a trust and a responsibilty that is not honored as it should be….as it was in the past.

We have lots of electronic babysitters nowadays and lots of diversions that controls a childs sense of reality and minimises the need for self control and moral discipline.

I was a terrible Dad…

I wasn’t mean, I just wasn’t there.

I’m not one to give any type of personal experience advice to anyone about how to raise a child.

All I can do is say “Never discipline a child when you’re mad”

My Dad was good at that and it didn’t work. All it did was create fear, distrust and shape a future monster from a child.

All it did was destroy that child.

All it did was create scars and regret…..lots and lots.Copy of Copy of the early fam

All I can say is don’t do anything while you’re mad, be patient, teach by example and match the punishment to the “crime”

…, beat the hell out of her!

P.S She’s two years old……call a priest and CAST OUT THE DEMONS!!!!

Good luck, Smash!!!

Love, your Uncle.

4 thoughts on “Two Camps1: Corporal Punishment”

  1. wow! Never let them be in the room together? Secure towels to the 2 yr old’s hands? Take pictures of the injuries inflicted and show them to the therapist? Get a new therapist? Good luck!

  2. loved it Trey! We’ve taken pictures and showed them to the therapist. Again, she was no help. The girls live together so it’s hard to keep them apart.

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