Oh…Why Not?

There was an earthquake in Nepal and the death toll climbs by the minute….

There are people of the same religion killing each other because they live on the wrong side of town and people of differing religions killing each other because they live too close and they eat pork….th (10)

There are tornadoes, floods, typhoons, avalanches, political strife and repression, big guys stomping on little guys and little guys kidnapping and killing smaller people because they can get away with it, right there on the evening news.

There are all sorts of drugs that people keep growing, making, buying, using and depending on; albeit illegal or not….that’ll kill ya; slow, fast, overnight or eventually…..

There are popular, mainstream, family owned and operated products that people keep growing, making, buying, using and depending on that’ll kill ya just as slow, just as fast, overnight or, as always and most assuredly, sooner than we’d like or ever expected.

There are traffic jams and train wrecks.

There are bus rides and plane crashes.

There is you, standing in a mall or grocery store line, looking around to see if anyone is sporting a  trench coat or camoflage outfit out of season and are talking to themselves….or maybe those other people are staring at you wondering why you’re staring at people; while their hand drifts inside their purse or pocket to caress their legally protected, concealed handgun and with fantastic visions of blowing you away in a hail of hot lead and saving haundreds of lives, right there on YouTube, with 1 million likes before supper.

We all need a hero….

There are TV networks that count on fear for ratings and stir it like a bubbling cauldron of wicked stew.

There are naked people on videos having sex with other people, of the same gender or not, household implements, specialized objects or a farm animal or two….right here….on the internet; right after a token ten year old punches the button that says “Yes, I am 18 years old” and the whole, beautiful world of throbbing, pulsating, sweaty people, “cum” alive….

th (3)There is salt, sugar and fat in everything.

There is theft, murder, rape, dope, kidnapping, racial hatred, child molesters, animal cruelty or a burning church…right there…in your very own town, in one form or another.

There is so much to hate, despise or fear in this world.

Cavemen didn’t throw rocks at the moon for nothing, you know.

They didn’t go into caves because they were homey, comfortable or had free Wi-Fi.

They didn’t make boats and sail across open water with no land in sight just to see what was on the other side.

They were looking to go where it was safe….

There is death everywhere.

There is woe…

There is hate.

But, you know what?

It’s OKAY to be happy.

It’s OKAY to look for beauty in an ugly world.

It’s OKAY to trust people.download

It’s OKAY….

It’s OKAY to rely on God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Lao Tzu, L Ron Hubbard, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Batman, John Wayne or anything you want that’ll make you happiest of all.

No one says that we all have to be alike but, we all agree that it’s easier, and a lot more nicer, when we can all get along and love one another.


It’s OKAY to wake up and say “You know what, I think I’ll be happy today”

This is what I say….everyday.

“Dear God,

Thank you for everything that you have given me and everything that you have taken away.

Thank you for giving me guidance and helping me thru the day.

Thank you for my kids and my wife and thank you for keeping me reasonably healthy.

Dear Lord, the only thing I would ask of you is that you give me super powers so I can save the world, or give me billions of dollars so I can feed the hungry and save the world, or give me a small building down town and a little funding so I can feed the hungry and homeless in my small part of this world.

Dear Lord, one other thing….Take away the fear of this life and help me give hope to others. I always feel better when I can make other people laugh or smile or burp.

Theres nothing better than a true, heartfelt hug….

Dear God,

Don’t let us ruin all your hard work.

Help me, help you, to save the world.


Sir Treyzguy
Sir Treyzguy

It’s OKAY to be happy, today.

Don’t give up on us, baby….

2 thoughts on “Oh…Why Not?”

  1. Like the “prayer”. A threatening world unfolds before our eyes every day – “imagine” – two days ago Australia’s fire-fighters have been asked not to wear their uniforms in public while traveling to and from work, or driving car in it/to cover it etc as it may cause someone/terrorist to attack…etc … slowly the reason for that cave in caveman days is creeping into our daily lives and it’s just awful

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